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Recruiting the Right Users to Get Real Results


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Recruiting the Right Users to Get Real Results

  1. 1. Radical Recruiting: Sourcing, Screening, & Show Rates Dana Chisnell @danachis
  2. 2. PAIN
  4. 4. MISERY
  5. 5. • Participants are humans, too • They have widely varied experience • But they do similar things
  6. 6. • Screening limits who gets in the room in ways you don’t intend
  7. 7. • You’re missing awesome participants • You’re losing out on research opportunities that are practically free
  8. 8. • There are sources out there that you’re not tapping
  9. 9. • Why recruiting based on demographics isn’t giving you the participants you need
  10. 10. • Show rates are about touch points