Microcopy with Des Traynor


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Microcopy with Des Traynor

  1. 1. Designing MicrocopyTo Improve User Experience
  2. 2. Every web productis a gamble on content
  3. 3. The people come to read the content
  4. 4. The content is created by the people
  5. 5. What we’ll cover...1. The 3 roles of microcopy2. Giving microcopy an owner3. A framework for producingmicrcopy that works
  6. 6. 3 types of micro copy1. The Interface Microcopy2. The blank slate3.The Content Definition
  7. 7. Where does content fit into the process?
  8. 8. The swiss cheese model of defects Release Q.A. Build Visual Design Submit Wireframe Submit
  9. 9. How do we ensure content gets suitable attention?
  10. 10. A typical requestWhat do we say on the screen where the user has clicked archive, but themessage was already archived by someone on their team so they can’tdouble archive, but it’s not an error, but at the same time it didn’thappen, oh yeah and this happens with canceling emails as well, now thatI think about it...Hmm. Your call. ” Ticket #1374 in Sifter, assigned to Des
  11. 11. Break it Down
  12. 12. Premium vs freeNew vs returning Who?Admin vs regular user “every user”
  13. 13. Upgrade your planChange your setting What? You don’t have permission This can’t be done
  14. 14. Casual & friendly Business english ToneAbundantly clear Cute & funny
  15. 15. “By email immediately” “On next login” TimeOn screen straight away During working hours in their time zone
  16. 16. By on screen flash message By email? How? In their recordsText in app (space?) Audio effect By SMS
  17. 17. End