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8 better practices from information architecture


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Published in: Design, Technology
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8 better practices from information architecture

  1. 1. 8 better practicesfrom information architectureLou Rosenfeld •! Rosenfeld Media •! 1
  2. 2. A handful of queries/tasks/ways to navigate/features/ A little goes a long waydocuments meet the needs of your most important audiences 9
  3. 3. Balanced research leads to true insight, new opportunitiesfrom Christian Rohrer: 17
  4. 4. Steward Brand’s Pace Layeringmodel Typical design focus Stuff that gets ignored: mission, vision, charter, goals, KPI, objectives 22
  5. 5. 25
  6. 6. Contextual navigation: your site’s desire lines Determinethrough content modeling, site search analytics Deep navigation requires content modeling: a better approach to deep IA and content structuring 29
  7. 7. Recognizingspecialized queries(e.g., proper nouns,dates, unique ID#s) search pattern: regulations March 2011 search pattern: regulations Owens search pattern:search pattern: regulationsTA292761 Caterpillar 36
  8. 8. " " Treat your content to do like an onion informationlayer usability content strategy architecture indexed by search 0 engine leave it alone leave it alone squeaky wheel issues 1 tagged by users addressed refresh annually tagged by experts (non- test with a service 2 topical tags) (e.g., refresh monthly tagged by experts “traditional” lab-based titled according to 3 (topical tags) user testing guidelines content models for structured according 4 contextual navigation A/B testing to schema 43
  9. 9. Your site is a moving targetbuilt on moving targets 45
  10. 10. Summary:8 IA better practices1. Diagnose the important problems2. Balance your evidence3. Advocate for the long term4. Measure engagement5. Support contextual navigation6. Improve search across silos7. Combine design approaches effectively8. Tune your design over time 50
  11. 11. Say hello Lou Rosenfeld Rosenfeld Media! | @louisrosenfeld | @rosenfeldmedia 51