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7 things to do with a persona


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Published in: Technology, Business
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7 things to do with a persona

  1. 1. 7Things to do with a PersonaSeeing people, context & perspectiveA UIE-Rosenfeld Media Virtual SeminarMay 22, 2012Whitney QuesenberyWQusability
  2. 2. Personas highlight the individual Personas help us understand users, not as part of a group, or a demographic, but as individuals with a history, goals, interests, and a relationship to the information or site
  3. 3. Have a chat with them Once you have finished creating the personas, spend some time exploring their perspectives on different situations, contexts or activities.  Get to know them better  Explore their reactions, stories, emotions, likes, dislikes  Think outside your product or project
  4. 4. Invite them to meet your friends Let the rest of the team (and stakeholders) ask them questions. Cover the general context, or a specific issue.  What questions do you want to ask?  How will the persona answer…in their own words?  Stretch the boundaries (and find research gaps)
  5. 5. Tell their story Don’t talk about them. Be them. Try telling their story in first person. Do you have a strong sense of their reactions?  Informance: Representing an idea by acting in order to explore, explain and share it.  Role playing: Act out the interaction of service
  6. 6. Ask their opinion Review a new idea or design through the perspective of the personas. Channel them to learn their reactions.  Persona-led reviews  First click analysis  What’s missing?
  7. 7. Find them in the wild They started life as a way to analyse data from the real world. Now make sure that you can match the personas up with the people you meet in user research and usability testing.  Use the personas to identify research participants  Find new stories to keep making the personas even richer
  8. 8. Personas can be part of everything we do Gather information - both qualitative and quantitative Understand Reflect patterns in ability, aptitude and attitude Evaluate Specify Evaluate work in progress, or set recruiting targets Stories explore for usability Design current problems and testing new design ideas