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Easy Wedding


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Published in: Design
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Easy Wedding

  1. 1. Solomia Dudar 2015 - Lviv UI-UX School Graduated from: 2014 - lviv National Academy of Arts
  2. 2. Easy Wedding A simple app to help you plan the perfect wedding, manage your guest list, to-do list, budget and vendors all in one place.
  3. 3. Much work Unsorted information Help needed Problems
  4. 4. expected
  5. 5. unexpected
  6. 6. classic organizer
  7. 7. Small Wedding Planning Checklist ● Work out your budget ● Start the guest list ● Hire the photographer and the videographer ● Book the entertainment ● Purchase a dress ● Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests ● Select and purchase invitations ● Start planning a honeymoon ● Book a florist ● Arrange transportation ● Select and order the cake ● Schedule hair and makeup artists ● Choose your music ● Purchase the rings
  8. 8. ● Book the rehearsal and rehearsal-dinner venues ● Check on the wedding invitations ● Send your guest list to the host of your shower ● Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fittings ● Finalize the menu and flowers ● Order favors, if desired ● Make a list of the people giving toasts ● Finalize the readings ● Send your event schedule to the vendors ● Print menu cards, if you like, as well as programs ● Touch base again with all the vendors. ● Meet with the photographer. ● Review the playlist with the band or deejay. ● Confirm times for hair and makeup and all vendors.
  9. 9. ● Send out the invitations ● Submit a newspaper wedding announcement ● Enter RSVPs into your guest-list database ● Get your marriage license ● Mail the rehearsal-dinner invitations ● Visit the dressmaker for (with luck!) your last dress fitting ● Stock the bar ● Send out as many final payments as you can. ● Confirm times for hair and makeup and all vendors. ● E-mail and print directions for drivers of transport vehicles. ● Assign seating. ● Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts. ● Write vows, if necessary. ● Send a timeline to the bridal party.
  10. 10. result
  11. 11. tired and unhappy
  12. 12. Business model Persons Scenarios Research
  13. 13. business model
  14. 14. persona
  15. 15. scenario 1 2 43
  16. 16. Competitors analysis Information architecture Wireframes Creation process
  17. 17. competitor analysis
  18. 18. information architecture
  19. 19. wireframes sketches
  20. 20. wireframes
  21. 21. wireframes
  22. 22. mockups
  23. 23. sketches
  24. 24. graphic elements
  25. 25. Home screen Budget Categories Application structure Guest list Checklist
  26. 26. Calendar and favorite or frequently used categories are displayed on the Home Screen. Calendar shows all-day tasks and tasks with the specified time, the color of which depends on the category assigned to them. HOME SCREEN all day task task with specified time favorite categories
  27. 27. BUDGET budget calculator completed task Expense Calculator shows your maximum budget and how much is already spent. Detailed expenses are displayed for each category including vendors and purchases. Just place a check mark next to your purchase and it’s cost is summed up into total expenses.
  28. 28. favorite category CATEGORIES Categories contain all the information about every step of the wedding preparation including notes and budget. In the list of categories you can mark favorites and they will appear on the Home Screen.
  29. 29. GUEST LIST guest status additional guests table number With the help of guest list you can monitor the status of guests: make sure that invitation was sent and check if participation confirmation is received. You can store detailed information about your guest: contacts, notes and additional guests. You can form a table seating plan of guests in the list.
  30. 30. CHECKLIST category task vendor Check-list is formed from your tasks, selected categories and vendors. This list is related to all sections of the application. You can sort items by importance, status or by task type.
  31. 31. Category management Budget calculation Task details Interaction scenarios
  32. 32. TASK DETAILS
  35. 35. Landing page Mockup Structure
  36. 36. features descriptions call to action sharing app’s description presentation
  37. 37. Handy calendar Guest list Easy budget management Conclusions Checklist Organized information storage
  38. 38. Use Easy Wedding Relax Get married