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The Importance Of Rail Transportation Systems


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How important are rail transportation systems? Find out by looking through this informative presentation that's focused around rail networks!

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The Importance Of Rail Transportation Systems

  1. 1. Rail transportation systems are an integral part of travel, whether it's transporting passengers or freight, a dependable rail network needs a comprehensive company to deliver superb rail infrastructure products.
  2. 2. Only a limited number of companies like UGL can deliver a full spectrum of rail transportation products and services for locomotives, passenger cars, trams, freight wagons and rail infrastructure systems that include:  Design  Engineering  Manufacturing  Construction  Maintenance  Refurbishment  Asset Management
  3. 3. By choosing rail manufacturers that provide a full suite of transportation solutions, you can take advantage of cost savings, less frustrations and an executable timeframe because you will only have to rely on one firm instead of juggling multiple providers.
  4. 4. When you upgrade and update your rail network, you'll get the option of having a brand new fleet of locomotives that are much more efficient and powerful than your current fleet. This leads to cost savings as your fleet will use less fuel and can haul more passengers or freight!
  5. 5. Rail manufacturers like UGL offer a diverse list of freight locomotives that include:  C44ACi locomotive  Evolution Series Locomotive  Powerhaul Series Locomotive
  6. 6. UGL also provides numerous passenger locomotives that can easily be integrated into your existing rail network that include:  Diesel Multiple Unit DMU locomotive  Double Deck Electric Multiple Unit  Light Rail Vehicles  Luxury High Speed Diesel Multiple Unit locomotive