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Power Generation Services From UGL


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Interested in learning about the power generation services from UGL? Check out this informative resource to learn more now!

Published in: Engineering
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Power Generation Services From UGL

  1. 1. Did you know UGL is the leading provider of power generation, distribution and transmission solutions? Knowing that electricity is a modern day necessity, let's review some of the power generation services offered by UGL!
  2. 2. UGL provides a wide range of power generation services that vary from gas, diesel, thermal, wind, solar and hydro power generation. All of these solutions can be scaled for small applications to large utility plants that supply electricity to entire regions.
  3. 3. Power generation stations and plants by UGL can consist of:  Combined Cycle Power Stations  Open Cycle Power Stations  Co-Generation Power Plants  Tri-Generation Power Plants  Wind Power  Solar PV  Hydro Power
  4. 4. UGL can build and support infrastructure that requires reliable and safe distribution of electricity via:  Medium Voltage Substations  Low to Medium Voltage Power Transformers  Low to Medium Voltage Cables  Substation Control Systems  High-Voltage Air Insulated Substations  High-Voltage Gas Insulated Substations  Power Transformers
  5. 5. Power generation requires appropriate transmission lines either overhead or underground and UGL can provide:  Extra High-Voltage Transmission Lines (up to 500KV)  Extra High-Voltage Underground Cables (up to 400KV)
  6. 6. Are you ready to choose UGL for all of your power generation needs?