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Ugif 10 2012 iiug paris-business-update

  1. 1. Information Management 2012 Informix Update @ Paris Frederick Ho Informix Development © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Information ManagementInteresting Informix Facts It has been 11 years since the IBM acquisition IBM continues to invest and improve Informix with new releases – World’s largest corporations continue to invest in Informix – Informix runs on the new PureSystem platform for Cloud IBM introduced state-of-the-art in- memory, columnar DBMS technology on Informix IBM’s BigData strategy includes Informix’s use of Time-series data New releases continue to be planned well into the future © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Information ManagementIBM Informix Business Imperatives Delight The Install Base: Enhance the Informix client relationship and improve client loyalty Build Strategic Differentiation: Fix the messaging and enhance the overall Informix value proposition to the market Create Proactive Sales Culture: Develop a proactive, high-touch culture, with expansion into growth areas (embedded, etc). Build New, Profitable Revenue Streams: Build new revenue streams that capitalize on the strong and growing footprint of Informix © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Information ManagementDelight the Installed Base © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Information Management Wal-Mart is not just in the Retail business – One of the world’s largest: • Insurance claims processing centers • Real Estate management systems • Case Management (Law) • Project Management • Bank Card Management • Portfolio Management – Transportation management system © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Information Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Information ManagementImports Port Factory Wal-Mart HQ Distribution Centres Wal-Mart Stores © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Information Management Cisco Systems © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Information ManagementIBM Informix wins Software Supplier of the Year Competition from Oracle, Sybase, MS sql server, Postgres etc and non DB software IBM Informix chosen as best by senior management and users Recognized for innovation, quality and consistency Elevated to preferred supplier…for planning and chance to compete Over 11mil Informix revenue in 2011 with 25 Informix projects © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Information Management © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Information ManagementIBM Informix Execution Imperatives Delight The Install Base: Enhance the Informix client relationship and improve client loyalty Build Strategic Differentiation: Fix the messaging and enhance the overall Informix value proposition to the market Create Proactive Sales Culture: Develop a proactive, high-touch culture, with expansion into growth areas (embedded, etc). Build New, Profitable Revenue Streams: Build new revenue streams that capitalize on the strong and growing footprint of Informix © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Information Management IBM Informix Business Value Drivers Past to Present Software Vendors Smarter Planet = IWA: Speed is Everything Legacy to Mobility Platform Independence Support is Continuing & OEM Systems Instrumentation = Flexible Grid Support Embedded Native TimeSeries Informix Modernization Powerful cluster Flexible options DBMS model Data Type Warehouse through Genero capabilities for EOS products Autonomics 1/3 less coverage Accelerator Recompile 4GL Rolling upgrades 24X7 support for Small Footprint than other Orders of code to GUI No plan or severity 1 issues No DBA databases magnitude faster Deploy to unplanned down Existing defect required Ideal for Smart Easy setup and browser, mobile times fixes for a given Robust HA Meter Data or very little tuning and cloud Works with version SCADA Transparent to Complete heterogeneous This does not applications development environments include new Flexible environment defect fixes deployment Develop hardware options applications 5-10x faster!12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Information ManagementStrategic Differentiation – Informix TimeSeriesA New Meter Data Management (MDM) Performance Benchmark WHO – IBM – AMT-SYBEX (IBM Business Partner; provider of solutions for Energy & Utility companies WHAT – Joint benchmark test of AMT-SYBEX’s MDM solution (Affinity MeterFlow) using IBM Informix TimeSeries software to manage smart meter data – Tests conducted using a single IBM POWER7® system, utilizing 16 cores. WHEN and WHERE – Performed at the IBM Power Systems Benchmark Center; Montpellier, France – August 2011 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Information ManagementMDM Benchmark Demonstrates Business Value Faster processing of meter data means faster business processes that use that data – Achieved daily billing calculations of 21,000 bills per minute while concurrently running the data load Significant reduction in storage requirements – Total storage required for one month of interval and register data for 100 million meters was less than 4TB – Average throughput exceeded 420,000 records per second in meter data load using standard storage disks Consistent, scalable performance yields highly predictable costs – Daily end-to-end processing times remained constant for 100 million meters over a 31-day period, irrespective of the amount of data stored –Storage requirements remained linear over time © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Information Management Informix TimeSeries – Success with leading MDM providershttp://smart-grid... MDM offers scalability to 100 million smart meters . “We feel that the Informix “Performance testing results of TimeSeries technology lends AMT-SYBEX’s Affinity Meterflow itself extremely well to the meter data management (MDM) performance characteristics, data application using IBM Informix types and high-volume TimeSeries software has processing required for the next demonstrated the capability to generation of smart metering and offer linear scalability up to 100 smart grid applications.” million meters to load and - David Hubbard, CTO and process meter data at 30-minute co-founder of Ecologic Analytics intervals in less than 8 hours.” © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Information ManagementInformix TimeSeries vs Relational Database SystemsComparison of Published Benchmarks for Meter Data Management Daily Total Total DB App DB App Meters Reads Cores RAM cores cores RAM RAM Informix TimeSeries 100M 4.9B 16 500 16 (shared) 500 (shared) The Competition * 10M 970M ~228 ~ 2 TB 48 <180 384 1.5TB Daily Readings (meters * registers * intervals) Database Resources (CPU cores) Informix TimeSeriesInformix TimeSeries 4,900,000,000 total cores 16 48 The Competition – db cores 180 The Competition 970,000,000 The Competition – app server cores 5 times the performance < 1/5 the resources … with significantly simpler management using a single node system * Based on latest published benchmark © 2012 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Information ManagementInformix TimeSeries and Spatial for the Instrumented WorldSensor Data Brings New Applications Across Industries Utilities Weather impact analysis on power generation Financial Services Transmission monitoring Fraud detection based on biometrics Smart grid management Risk management Manufacturing Health & Life Sciences Asset location and performance Remote healthcare monitoring Event management and response Epidemic early warning system ICU monitoring Logistics & Transportation Military and Law Enforcement Fleet management and dispatch Real-time surveillance and movement detection Weather and traffic impact on Situational awareness logistics and fuel consumption Cyber security detection © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Information Management Informix Strategic Fit in IBM Big Data Landscape InfoSphere BigInsights Hadoop-based low latency analytics for variety and volume Hadoop Information Integration Stream Computing InfoSphere Information InfoSphere Streams Server Low Latency Analytics forHigh volume data integration streaming data and transformation Structured Database IBM InfoSphere IBM Netezza High IBM Informix IBM Smart Analytics IBM Netezza 1000 Warehouse Capacity Appliance TimeSeries System BI+Ad Hoc Large volume structured Queryable Archive Operational Analytics on Analytics on Structured Data data analytics Structured Data Operational Analytics Structured Data © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Information ManagementIBM Informix Warehouse for Smarter Business Intelligence What is it? How is it different? IWA leverages an in-memory, columnar Performance. Unprecedented response approach to process very complex queries at times with 100+ faster performance than real-time speeds, without requiring any tuning traditional warehouses, enabling train of or changes to business applications. thought analysis. Transparency. Tightly integrated with Informix to accelerate queries transparently to the analytics applications; no changes required. Simplified administration. appliance-like hands-free operations, eliminating database tuning tasks Software only. Optimized for Linux on the commodity hardware of your choice. Extreme speed for extremely fast business decisions! © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Information ManagementInformix Warehouse Accelerator Brings “Speed of Thought” AnalysisInformix Warehouse Accelerator software can return complex warehouse querieswith extreme speed. Consider the real experiences of these organizations: © 2012 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. Information ManagementSmarter Government Superintendent of National Tax Administration (SUNAT ) Combines OLTP and BI to Efficiently Serve the Republic of Peru What’s smart? • Running transactional applications and data warehouse on a single platform • Getting answers to important business queries in seconds instead of 2+ hours • Being able to scale 24 x 7 services up to multi-terabytes Smarter Business Outcomes • SUNAT serves citizens with modern tax solutions including fraud detection while retaining existing hardware and software investments • Tax fraud is reduced by analyzing Powered by Informix complex fraud data 100+ times faster © 2012 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Information ManagementS&S Worldwide – Migrates from SQL Server to Informix Connecticut based designer, manufacturer and retailer of fun learning toys, craft kits, physical educational and therapy products Maintained 2 data marts on SQL Server for Demand and Sales info for last 12 years ~370 GB in size with several data cubes each around 4GB 20 million rows updated per night “We are extremely pleased and amazed with both the processing improvements and additional functionality moving from our old Microsoft environment to our new Informix Data Warehouse environment using the Cognos BI toolset.” --Robert Fuller, Vice President and CIO, S&S Worldwide --Robert 2211/ © 2012 IBM Corporation16/201
  23. 23. Information ManagementStrategic Differentiation – Informix Flexible Grid Traditional High Availability Informix Flexible Grid Architecture ArchitectureServers sized for peak capacity Commodity serversWasted resources Optimized resource utilizationSecondary usually passive Secondary manages some workloadHigher costs Lower costsServers and specialized networks Commodity hardware, standard EthernetPossible failure points No single point of failureServers, SAN, network Multiple copies of data on serversRigid configuration Flexible configuration © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Information ManagementInformix Flexible Grid for FinanceBanking Business Challenge • High traffic at the central location.Banking solution consists of personal • Need data available among multiple locationsbanking, ATM, investment banking and • Local offices have different h/wmortgage apps. • Need transparent failoverApplications run at both branch and Informix Flexible Grid Solutionregional centers against a centralized • Deploy 3-node grid at central site with HDR failoverdatabase at a single location. • Deploy regional instances as SDS cluster with HDR on current hardware • Deploy central, regional & branch as Flex Grid nodes Informix connection • Utilize Connection Manager to distribute peak loads Manager to regional instances within grid Primary SDS 1 SDS 2 Node 1 Node 2 Shared Shared Disk Disk Regional Informix DB HDR Node 3 Central Informix DB HDR Local Bank Informix DB © 2012 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Information ManagementInformix Flexible Grid Enables Smarter Cloud Computing Doing more with less Reduce capital expenditures and operational expenses Informix is only database that can be utilized and provisioned in the cloud on heterogeneous, commodity hardware Reducing risk Ensure the right levels of security and resiliency across all business data and processes Informix provides a single console to easily provision only what is needed, when and where it’s needed, across the entire environment Higher quality services Improve quality of services and deliver new services that help the business grow and reduce costs Informix provides around-the-clock services with virtually NO downtime, even for routine maintenance and upgrades Breakthrough agility Increase ability to quickly deliver new services to capitalize on opportunities while containing costs and managing risk Informix manages workload utilization cost effectively for both OLTP and Decision Support applications © 2012 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. Information ManagementDelight the Install Base: Increase Loyalty with Informix Genero • The best solution for 4GL modernization • Rapidly develop using existing 4GL and avoid “from scratch” development • Develop and maintain one code base and deploy anywhere! Web Desktop Smart Devices & Cloud © 2012 IBM Corporation26
  27. 27. Information ManagementInformix Genero for Smarter ERP Doosan Infracore needed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would automate work processes and accommodate growth while keeping costs down. What’s Smart? Up to 40 percent increase in order accuracy and threefold business growth Supporting a million daily transactions without adding administrative staff Powered by Informix Using Informix Genero to retain and modernize applications to access productivity tools such as Excel spreadsheets.“Since integrating our ERP with our website, each dealer saves about five or six hours per week by beingable to order online, and we’ve seen a 10-15 percent lift in business while reducing our call center staff fromseven down to one.”—Brian Grellinger, Director of IT, Doosan Infracore © 2012 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Information ManagementIBM Informix Execution Imperatives Delight The Install Base: Enhance the Informix client relationship and improve client loyalty Build Strategic Differentiation: Fix the messaging and enhance the overall Informix value proposition to the market Create Proactive Sales Culture: Develop a proactive, high-touch culture, with expansion into growth areas (embedded, etc). Build New, Profitable Revenue Streams: Build new revenue streams that capitalize on the strong and growing footprint of Informix © 2012 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. Strong Informix Channel Growth in 2011 # Of New Informix BPs by Partner Type • 118 new BPs in 2011 90 78 new resellers 78 37 new solution providers 80 2 new ASL distributors 70 • Over a dozen new SaaS, 60 cloud-type ASL Agreements 50 • One ISV distributed over 38# 40 80,000 new servers in 2012 • Informix is a major contributor 30 24 to IBM’s ASL & OEM channels 20 8 8 10 2 0 2010 2011 Resellers / SIs / SPs VARs / ISVs / Solution Providers VADs
  30. 30. Information ManagementSugarCRMSugarCRM has quickly grown to become one of themost widely used CRM platforms on the market. Informix port delivers unlimited database scalability for popular SaaS applications. Delivers enhanced ability to create and manage large SugarCRM databases without impacting performance even for extremely large systems. Using SugarCRM on Informix also simplified and sped up the data upload process. Tests showed that large amounts of records can be uploaded in minutes, as opposed to hours they experienced with competitor database.States John Baker, Managing Director of Oninit Group: “After several months of development in partnershipwith systems integrator i2Global, we are delighted to see SugarCRM running efficiently on Informix. Withthe demand for SaaS increasing, it made business sense to demonstrate Informix’s perfect suitability forthe job. Delivering SugarCRM on Informix shows that it can easily power a major SaaS application. Itoffers unlimited growth, outstanding performance and is the ideal platform for creating and managingheavily populated databases.” © 2012 IBM Corporation
  31. 31. Information Management Chronos – Plant Operation & Management System (POMS) POMS is a powerful, integrated & easy-to-use software solution specially-designed for process-driven industries such as power plants, oil & gas, water utilities and process manufacturing. With its real-time data capturing and processing capabilities, POMS can provide management for strategic decision-making. POMS provides the management, operation and maintenance staff with powerful tools to carry out critical measures for the plant such as: • Condition Monitoring for critical facilities • Performance Monitoring for outputs vs. inputs • Operation Monitoring for overall plant activities & • Preventive Maintenance Monitoring for all equipments etc. Powered by InformixMore than 5000 I/O signals from SCADA devices. Data reading at 1 sec intervals!! © 2012 IBM Corporation
  32. 32. Information ManagementAvanti Software Saves Client the cost of Managing DataRetail & eGovernance solutions switched from SQL Server to Informix in less than a month Client Challenge Provide automation for two point-of-sale counters to perform regular database administration such as updating statistics, backing up data and regular server monitoring - without requiring a costly database administrator Solution Avanti ported its Point-of-Sale system from Microsoft SQL Server to IBM Informix software in just three weeks, without additional cost to the client. The solution was deployed in three days with no unplanned downtime, no hardware upgrade and no issues. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. Information ManagementInformix offers Enterprise Class Embedded Data Management Call Management Hardware Security Module A Call Management Solution that Thales e-Security’s nShield Fiber Optic Acoustic Security provides call features, such as call Connect appliance provides TerraEchos ADELOS S4 Sensor forwarding, automated voice, etc. in secure encryption and encryption Array provides covert surveillance a geographically distributed, highly key management for banking, capabilities to detect, classify, and available environment finance, and intelligence act on threats to critical applications in a hardened instructure. appliance. Benefits: Benefits: Flexible solution to today’s call Benefits: Superior uptimes, 99.999% Single strand of fiber optic cable features buried covertly Flexible architecture allows All administration is performed solution to fit into a wide variety of through Thales application. Ability to detect and track environments, without changes multiple targets along fiber optic Infrastructure scales with the zones Cost performance allows competitive solution in a business. New appliances added into existing CI increase Zones are flexible and can be battleground technology redefined programmatically throughput linearly. Advanced Signature Classification libraries. Integrated detection into actionable Workflow Why do Customers choose Informix based solutions 33 © 2012 IBM Corporation Low Cost – Low Administration- High Performance – High Availability – 99.999% Uptime- Accelerate time to market
  34. 34. Information ManagementIntegrated Software – IBM Software Group MiddlewareInfoSphere WebSphere OptimFederation Sever v9.7 WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Optim Development Studio v2.2Data Stage v8.5 WebSphere MQ v7.0 Optim Data Studio v2.2Data Architect v7.5 WebSphere MB v7.0 Optim Data Studio v3.1.1Streams v1.2.1 WAS Community Edition v2.1 Optim Data Server ClientChange Data Capture V6.5 WS Process Server Bus v7.0 Optim Data growthGuardium v8.0 WebSphere Remote Server v7 Optim Test Data ManagerInitiate MDS v9.7 WebSphere Transformation Extender v8.3 Optim Data MaskingEncryption Expert Tivoli OtherRational Tivoli Storage Manager v6.2 IBM Mashup Center v2.0RAD Developer for WS v8.0 Tivoli Workload Scheduler v8.5.1RAD Architect for WS v8.0 Tivoli Application Discovery Manager v7.2 IBM Solutions Tivoli Netcool/OMNibus v7.3 SAFE Framework (IUN)DB2 Tivoli Security Information and Event v2.0 Pure Application SystemsDB2 DEDE v9.7 Tivoli Network Manager v3.8 Pure Flex Netcool/Impact v5.1.1 IBM Workload Deployer IBM Cloud EnterpriseCognosCognos 10 BI v10.1 SPSSCognos Content Analytics v2.1 Modeler v14.2, v15.0 (6/14)Cognos Express v9.5 Statistics Data Pack v22.0Cognos Now! V4.6Cognos Real-Time Monitoring v10.1Cognos virtual View Manager v10.134 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  35. 35. Information ManagementIBM Informix Execution Imperatives Delight The Install Base: Enhance the Informix client relationship and improve client loyalty Build Strategic Differentiation: Fix the messaging and enhance the overall Informix value proposition to the market Create Proactive Sales Culture: Develop a proactive, high-touch culture, with expansion into growth areas (embedded, etc). Build New, Profitable Revenue Streams: Build new revenue streams that capitalize on the strong and growing footprint of Informix © 2012 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. Information Management IBM has increasingly invested in Informix year over year since the acquisition 20 10 /20 20 11 08 /20 09 20 06 /20 07 200 4/2 005200 2/2 003 36 © 2012 IBM Corporation IBM Confidential
  37. 37. Information Management Informix 12.10: Centaurus Highlights Themes OAT & Productivity Open Admin Lite for Smartphones Operational Analytics & IWA Operational Analytics in Informix Enhancements Incremental Updates in IWA Fast Loader for Time-Series data Smart Data/Time-Series PureAS offering on Informix Cloud/Extended Enterprise Alternate SDS Communication Replication Index compression in IDS Primary Storage Manager SQL Compatibility & Embeddability Enhancements IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM Corporation37
  38. 38. Information ManagementWelcome Experience © 2012 IBM Corporation
  39. 39. Information ManagementGroup Dashboard © 2012 IBM Corporation
  40. 40. Information ManagementSystem Reports – Extents graphs © 2012 IBM Corporation
  41. 41. Information ManagementSystem Reports – Buffer pool graphs © 2012 IBM Corporation
  42. 42. Information ManagementMobile OpenAdmin Tool for Informix * Please note: These images do not reflect the official mobile name or final designsCorporation © 2012 IBM
  43. 43. Information ManagementMobile OAT - Alerts and Logs © 2012 IBM Corporation
  44. 44. Information ManagementMobile OAT => Performance -Tables © 2012 IBM Corporation
  45. 45. Information Management SQL OLAP Functions (Windowed Aggregates) •ANSI SQL analytics functions •Helps create running totals, aggregates based on custom partition, window and order for each aggregate. •Simplify the expression of complex but commonly used business questions and are efficient without resorting to subqueries or other calculations •Avoids need for complex SQL involving multiple derived tables and joins and hence improves query performance. The OLAP functions supported by Informix are as follows: Ranking RANK(), DENSE_RANK(), DENSERANK(), CUME_DIST(), PERCENT_RANK(), NTILE() Numbering ROW_NUMBER(), ROWNUMBER() Aggregate RATIO_TO_REPORT, RATIOTOREPORT First/Last FIRST, LAST © 2012 IBM Corporation
  46. 46. Information Management Window Partition ExampleSelect date, store_name, sum(dollars) as sales_dols, rank () over (partition by date order by sales_dols desc) as date_rank from period, store, sales where period.perkey = sales.perkey and store.storekey = sales.storekey and state = “CA” group by date, store_name order by date; DATE STORE_NAME SALES_DOL DATE_RANK 2012-01-02 Beaches Brew 785.55 1 2012-01-02 Roasters, Los Gatos 762.25 2 2012-01-02 Los Gatos Roasting Company 636.25 3 2012-01-02 Cupertino Coffee Supply 634.00 4 2012-01-02 Instant Coffee 457.75 5 2012-01-03 Instant Coffee 713.75 1 2012-01-03 Los Gatos Roasting Company 633.25 2 ….. …. …. .. 2012-01-04 Instant Coffee 1031.50 1 2012-01-04 Los Gatos Roasting Company 613.95 2 …… …. …. .. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  47. 47. Information Management Window Frame Example (By Rows) •The sliding calculations produce a moving average with an interval of three rows or fewer, depending on which row is the current one. Select row_number () over () as row, dimension, measure, avg (measure) over (partition by dimension) order by measure rows between current row and 2 following) as OLAP_AVG from …. Row Dimension Measure OLAP_AVG 1 A 10 53.3 2 A 50 90.0 3 A 100 240 4 A 120 310 5 A 500 500 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  48. 48. Information Management Primary Storage Manager (PSM) •Easy way to configure OnBar to take backups and restores •Easy way for embedded solutions to take parallel backups using OnBar •Easy way for Ontape customers to migrate to OnBar •Replaces ISM © 2012 IBM Corporation
  49. 49. Information Management Row Oriented Data Store• Optimized for record I/O• Fetch and decompress entire row, every time• Result – • Very efficient for transactional workloads • Not always efficient for analytical workloads If only few columns are required the complete row is still fetched and uncompressed © 2012 IBM Corporation 49
  50. 50. Information Management Columnar Data Store (Conceptual View)• Data is compressed sequentially for column: •Aids sequential scan •Slows random access If attributes are not required for a specific query execution, they are skipped completely. © 2012 IBM Corporation 50
  51. 51. Information Management Informix Warehouse Accelerator SQL Queries (from apps) Informix Warehouse Accelerator TCP/IP Informix SQL Query Processor Query Router Results (via DRDA) Compressed DB partition Data Warehouse Bulk LoaderInformix: Informix Warehouse Accelerator: Routes SQL queries to accelerator Connects to Informix via TCP/IP & DRDA User need not change SQL or apps. Analyzes, compresses, and loads Can always run query in Informix, Copy of (portion of) warehouse e.g., if Processes routed SQL query and returns answer to Informix –too short an est. execution time © 2012 IBM Corporation
  52. 52. Information Management Using IWA with Secondary Servers © 2012 IBM Corporation
  53. 53. Information ManagementPureApplication SystemsInfrastructure System + Application Platform IBM PureApplication System Pre-configured, pre-integrated platform system License virtualization, operating with pre-defined software with middleware designed for transactional environments, cloud software, and *Comes with 6.4 TB SSD and 48 TB HDD and application services entitlements. web applications and enabled for cloud with applications for deployment integrated expertise. Designed to consolidate tens of departmental Small 96 Cores or workgroup databases with average size of 1.5 TB RAM 30-50GB (80%). Max DB size of around 500GB+. More targeted toward consolidation. Vmware Medium IBM Workload Deployer 192 Cores Informix HV and Pattern 3.1 TB RAM Addresses LOB requirements Large and purpose-driven workloads! *Add-on HVs *Add-on Patterns 384 Cores •WS MQ •Cognos BI 6.1 TB RAM •Target enterprise level Informix •WS MB •IBM Messaging •Informix •Informix customers •WS BPM High Performance •WS MQ 608 Cores •Perfect for Informix BPs •Smarter Planet 9.7 TB RAM •Great for Informix customers running with WAS! •Great where customer runs both Private Cloud DB2 & Informix! •Clusters Enabled •NA and GMU prime targets for both •Flex Grid Enabled direct and BPs © 2012 IBM Corporation
  54. 54. Information Management PureFlex Systems Infrastructure Systems Select additional expansion chasses, compute Select an IBM PureFlex System or storage nodes with drives, management or License virtualization, operatingwith management, storage, & support switches based on application requirements. environments, cloud software, and as a starting point. flexible deployment. PureFlex System Expansion: Express Pre-defined combinations of components for Foundation rack expansion Infrastructure for Small and midsize businesses. Most affordable. PowerVM KVM 56% of FLEX market Expansion HyperV Vmware Chassis Standard IBM Workload Deployer Infrastructure for Compute – application servers POWER7 or x86 with Excellent price point and good storage/networking Storage for Informix OEM/ISV/ASL 28% of FLEX market Controllers and to build solutions! Expansion units Enterprise •Can configure the Management Infrastructure for Appliances and environment for specific scalable cloud deployments. licenses workload requirements 16% of FLEX market Networking •Avoids paying for pre-entitled software they may not need Private Cloud •HV and Pattern provides full •Clusters Enabled capabilities for any buyer to •Flex Grid Enabled customize a solution. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  55. 55. Information Management How do I compress a table? Using OAT 11/16/2012 Template Presentation - Session Z99 55 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  56. 56. Information ManagementIndex Compression Up to now, Informix only offered data, i.e. table compression Primary goal for Index Compression: –Scans require less I/O –More data fits into buffer cache Syntax: create compressed index … |--+-DISTINCT-+ ‘CLUSTER-’ ‘COMPRESSED-’ • Compression only for leaf index nodes • No Row ID (RID) compression • Index entry is uncompressed (in memory) for comparison • Dictionary based compression (same as table compression) to favor key only scans found in most OLTP applications 11/16/2012 Put your data on a diet – C01 56 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  57. 57. Information Management Automatic Compression – OAT Interface 11/16/2012 Template Presentation - Session Z99 57 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  58. 58. Information Management Automatic (Table) Compression Compression of data partitions (no index/blob compression) Compress data rows as they are loaded When a load exceeds a threshold (2000 rows as default), the compression process starts (by building a dictionary) All subsequent rows inserted will be compressed Considerations: Supports all loaders that use Inserts or Light Append Light append – once dictionary is created, all rows will be compressed (including old ones) Normal Insert – compresses all subsequent rows after dictionary is created Syntax: CREATE TABLE …. COMPRESSED © 2012 IBM Corporation
  59. 59. Information Management Dynamic Configuration Tuning-Provide system administrator facilities for Informix to configure and tune itself withoutshutting down for changing a configuration parameter-Provide developers a process to plug/unplug configuration parameters-Onmonitor is retired-Removed the following params: -AFF_NPROCS, AFF_SPROCS, RA_THRESHOLD, BUFFERS, LRU_MIN_DIRTY, LRU_MAX_DIRTY, LRUS, NOAGE, NUMAIOVPS, NUMCPUVPS, PHYSDBS, JDKVERSION-Adds onmode –wi -Import params from a config file, modify params in the file that are tunable and ignore others-Adds onmode –we -Export a “snapshot” of the current server config to a file that can be used as a config file-Adds onstat –g cfg -Analyzes the Configuration Value (CV) table-Additional Admin API tasks -Execute function task(“modify config”, “<name>”, “<new value>”); 59 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  60. 60. Information ManagementInformix Early Access Program IBM Informix Early Access Program –Get early access to new capabilities –Prototype solutions in your environment for faster deployment –Access to IBM resources through lab advocates –Assist the Informix team in defining the product roadmap Sign Up Now © 2012 IBM Corporation
  61. 61. Information ManagementWhy Informix? Informix Embeddability and Autonomics Informix Flexible Grid Informix TimeSeries and Spatial Informix Warehouse Accelerator Informix Genero © 2012 IBM Corporation
  62. 62. Information Management Thank You © 2012 IBM Corporation