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Ug flex project findings handout


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A set of 9 PowerPoint slides summarising the outputs, outcomes and lesson learnt from the JISC-funded UG-FLEX project at University of Greenwich 2009-12.

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Ug flex project findings handout

  1. 1. UG-Flex Project (2009-2012) MANAGING CHANGE AND CHANGING MINDSETS: A WORK IN PROGRESSResources: Claire UG-Flex Project Manager /
  2. 2. BACK IN 2009….you said….
  3. 3. Over the past 3 years….we did…… Enhanced management of information relating to the curriculum Improved capacity for flexible curriculum design and delivery, (informed by student experience) Developed strategies for better communication Introduced tools for programme teams to review and enhance programmes and courses
  4. 4.  BETTER INFORMATIONMANAGEMENT relating to the curriculum
  5. 5.  IMPROVED CAPACITY FOR FLEXIBLE curriculum design
  8. 8. CHANGE IS HARD……AND POSSIBLE STARTING POINT IN 2009: PROGRESS SO FAR IN 2012: NO TRUST = NO CHANGE NEW ENVIRONMENT FOR CHANGE curriculum design recognition that systems dictated by systems and reflect underlying problems, they do not create bureaucracy. them and so solutions must address the underlying problems; “them and us” tensions between schools and dialogue and greater central administration understanding; trust; learned helplessness; acknowledgement of shared commitment to continuous improvement & raised expectations;
  9. 9. CHANGE MANAGEMENT: SOME LESSONS LEARNED• It is the transition rather than the change itself that people find hard;• Relationships are empowering;• Deal with issues not people or personalities;• Uncertainty can be a creative time;• Change is about culture;• Large scale change defies logical rules;• Understand others’ priorities;• Listen more talk less.