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2015 16 Economic Contributions Florida Citrus


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Infographic of select information from the 2015/16 Economic Contributions of Florida Citrus.

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2015 16 Economic Contributions Florida Citrus

  1. 1. Citrus activities also generate additional economic activity throughout Florida’s economy, namely indirect and induced effects. ORANGES 81.6 MILLION BOXES GRAPEFRUIT 10.8 MILLION BOXES SPECIALTY FRUIT 1.8 MILLION BOXES 30% directeff ects indirect + inducedeffects $4.230 billion 70% Contributing $8.6 billion in industry output to Florida’s economy Court, Christa D., A.W. Hodges, M. Rahmani, and T.H. Spreen. “Economic Contributions of the Florida Citrus Industry in 2015-16.” Economic Impact Analysis Program, University of Florida/IFAS, Food and Resource Economics, Gainesville, FL, May 2017. 29% 71% $8.632 billion directeffects in direct+inducedef fects 44% 56% 23% 45,422 jobs direct effects in direct+inducedef fects 77% directeff ects indirect + inducedeffects $2.559 billion for Florida families in state and local taxes that fund public services CITATION