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Breaking Ground with GenZ


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Just when you thought you knew everything about the Millennial Generation, there is a new kid on the block, GenZ. This session will help you gain tips on recruiting this new generation early and you will walk away not only hearing success stories and instances of effective recruiting but also with an action plan for your next recruitment season.

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Breaking Ground with GenZ

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Breaking Ground with Gen Z Presented By: Matthew P. Cowley | Assistant Director for Career & Professional Development Lisa D’Souza |Director of Career and Leadership Programs
  3. 3. Matthew P. Cowley Assistant Director for Career & Professional Development Career Resource Center Currently pursuing a PhD in Social Foundations of Education Master of Education in Higher Education Administration Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration Dothan, AL Educated Leader to Educating Leaders Input | Intellection | Ideation | Strategic | Connectedness
  4. 4. Lisa D’Souza Director for Career & Leadership Programs Heavener School of Business Master of Education in Student Personnel in Higher Education Bachelors of Arts in Business Management, and Psychology Former College Recruiter for JCPenney Miami, FL Harmony | Empathy | Consistency | Achiever | Responsibility
  5. 5. Agenda  Ice Breaker  Get to Know Generation Z  Recruit Generation Z  Activity  Breakout Conversations
  6. 6. Ice Breaker Work with your neighbor to match the characteristics below to the appropriate generation  Baby Boomer – Mid 1940s – Early 1960s  Generation X – Early 1960s – Early 1980s  Generation Y - Early 1980s – Mid 1990s (Millennials)  Generation Z - Mid 1990s – Beyond (iGen)  The true “digital natives”  Prefer to spend money on non-material purchases  Latchkey kids, pessimistic about retirement  Nonconformists
  7. 7. Introducing Gen Z Video
  8. 8. Who is Generation Z? Born: 1995 - 2010 Population: 2.52 Billion Entrepreneurship and Innovation “Always On” Generation True Digital Natives Value Order, Structure & Predictability Most Diverse U.S. Generation Shortest Attention Span
  9. 9. Generation Z Work Values • Will desire new projects that are directly tied to the business’ success Entrepreneurial • Wants “generous” pay, but is not driven by money Less influenced by money • They want their ideas, opinions and contributions to be valued regardless of their age. Want to be taken seriously Top Priorities in Job Search 1. 64% Opportunities for career growth 2. 44% Generous pay 3. 40% Making a difference or having a positive impact on society 4. 38% Structured/stable work environment/job security
  10. 10. Recruiting Gen Z Generation Z @ Work • Prefer face-to-face communication- especially with managers and want consistent and frequent feedback • Believe that previous generations move and change too slowly • Require information on-demand • Want to make direct contributions to company success or they may leave for another company or start a business of their own • May resist fitting into existing approaches to work, or in some cases job roles
  11. 11. Recruiting Gen Z What can marketing tell us?  When it came to college recruitment- 44% of students thought that colleges advertising on TV made the colleges and universities seem desperate  One survey showed that 50% of Gen Zers use YouTube to learn about new products vs 35% who read emails about them  Emails that contain videos and photos are much more likely to be seen. Generation Z is inundated with content from multiple sources, so marketing needs to be exciting
  12. 12. Recruiting: Communications  Visual  Snackable  Personal  Individual employee spotlights  Day in the life stories  Engage in social media, but be careful-  Some like being contacted directly via social (@mentions on Twitter), but some may feel that this is unprofessional  Treat your candidates like individuals and not just another number
  13. 13. Recruiting: Start Early  47%of respondents across 46 countries would consider starting a career immediately after high school  60%would welcome employer education in lieu of a college degree  College recruitment needs to target underclassmen
  14. 14. Recruiting: Communicate Value  Work/life balance is critical  Would prefer part-time work over long hours and higher pay  51% say flexible work is the career goal that’s most important  Seek companies that positively impact society  Employer branding should reflect genuine commitment to social causes
  15. 15. Activity Planning a Successful Recruiting Future
  16. 16. Breakout Group Discussions  Social Media & Digital Engagement  On Campus Recruitment (moving away from info sessions, changes to career fairs)  Diversity recruitment  Beyond recruitment (company culture, supervision and experience once they’re onboarded)
  17. 17. Communicating w/ Gen Z Video
  18. 18. Questions? Ask Away!
  19. 19. Sources