UFI Asia Seminar - Taipei 2010 - Kenny Lo


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Innovative new exhibitions
by: Kenny Lo, Chief Executive, Vertical Expo Services Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, China

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UFI Asia Seminar - Taipei 2010 - Kenny Lo

  1. 1. 2010 UFI Open Seminar in Asia Innovative New Exhibitions
  2. 2. Innovative New Exhibitions Topic Development - Wild thinking - Getting ideas from internets, exhibition directories, journals, news letters etc - Sharing in industrial gatherings
  3. 3. Innovative New Exhibitions Topic Analysis Potential prospects How many prospects in the region? Is it enough to support a trade show? Trading status How trading is carried out currently, supplier-buyer relationship, fixed or variable enough to support trade show?
  4. 4. Innovative New Exhibitions Topic Analysis Competition How many competing events in the region, in the global, any room left? Major risk assessment Major risks encountered if starting the show, government regulation, social perception, cultural and religion considerations etc ? Are all these can be handled, what if, to the project, to the company?
  5. 5. Innovative New Exhibitions Project Planning Venue selection Cost, culture, Timing Any sourcing seasons, avoid overlapping with other global events Positioning Trade or public, or both? Partners Local: Advisory board, major players, relevant associations if any, local government Global: organizers in other regions
  6. 6. Innovative New Exhibitions Project Planning Visits to global events Networking, learning, partnership building with the organizers, sharing with global players
  7. 7. Innovative New Exhibitions Case study 1
  8. 8. Innovative New Exhibitions First Edition Time April 23 - 25, 2008 Venue Macau Tower Positioning Trade exhibition only + int’l conference
  9. 9. Innovative New Exhibitions 30 conferences and concurrent activities 2000 + buyers , delegations, funeral professionals from over 36 countries/regions 20 groups from USA, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan Exhibitors from Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Netherland, USA. 17 media from around the world
  10. 10. Innovative New Exhibitions
  11. 11. Exhibitions
  12. 12. Exhibitions
  13. 13. Exhibitions
  14. 14. Exhibition
  15. 15. Exhibition
  16. 16. Conference
  17. 17. Reception
  18. 18. Reception
  19. 19. Visits
  20. 20. Visits
  21. 21. Social Night
  22. 22. Social Night
  23. 23. Social Night
  24. 24. Social Night
  25. 25. Experience Sharing Topic - Every body knows things related to death or funeral is traditionally a taboo in Chinese society. Extra attention was made when preparing the fair. - In the fair environment, we deliberately make the lighting of our venue brighter, backdrops and decoration using brighter color like yellow and green theme color to avoid the so call secret/scare feeling - It is important to educate the society AFE is a professional trade fair involving only buyers and suppliers just like other trade shows such as furniture fair.
  26. 26. Experience Sharing - Due to its uniqueness, it draw lots of exposure from local and global media. Fortunately, all the comments are very positive with most of them the first time visiting fair of such kind. - But still in Chinese society, the topic is more or less some thing some people unlike. This may create problem in finding professional venue, especially within those complex with other entertainment facilities.
  27. 27. Experience Sharing - In its 2nd edition, AFE is moved to Hong Kong due to area constraints in Macau. - To our surprise, we are requested by some Non Government Organizations (NGO) in Hong Kong to open some parts to public for educational purpose. In some booths of NGOs, they even offer the elderly to experience lying down in a casket. Elderly were queuing up to try. We had over 100 visitor groups from local elderly centres with over 3,000 elderly visiting.
  28. 28. Experience Sharing 2nd Edition of Asia Funeral Expo in 2009 No. of booths: +50% Visitor countries/regions: 36 43 International Media: 17 39
  29. 29. Experience Sharing AFE is 1st and only funeral show endorsed by the US Department of Commerce Major funeral fairs in the global: Asia: Asia Funeral Expo America: NFDA Expo Europe: Tanexpo (biennial)
  30. 30. Innovative New Exhibitions Case Study 2
  31. 31. Innovative New Exhibitions First Edition Time December 4 -7, 2008 Venue The Venetian Macao Positioning Trade exhibition + 3 Public days (Dec 5-7)
  32. 32. Innovative New Exhibitions Exhibitors from Australia, Canada, Chinese Mainland, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Spain, Switzerland and United States. It attracted the attention and extensive report of over 80 media from around the world.
  33. 33. Innovative New Exhibitions Trade visitors from 25 countries and regions such as Australia, Canada, Chinese Mainland, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, United Arab, and USA etc.
  34. 34. Innovative New Exhibitions It attracted more than 15,000 public visitors, 43 % of them were female and 55% were couples A concurrent event Hong Kong-Macau Sex Cultural Festival with more than 10 educational talks run in parallel during the show period.
  35. 35. Exhibition
  36. 36. Exhibition
  37. 37. SM Machine from Spain
  38. 38. Exhibition
  39. 39. Exhibition
  40. 40. Bad Boys and Bombshells from Australia
  41. 41. Pricasso, Penile Artist
  42. 42. Promotion girls
  43. 43. Body painting
  44. 44. Mr Kato Taka, Japanese AV Superstar
  45. 45. Fortune Teller
  46. 46. Japanese BDSM Truman Show
  47. 47. Model from Australia
  48. 48. Condom tree by Durex (0ver 20,000 comdems)
  49. 49. Performance
  50. 50. Performance
  51. 51. Sexual techniques sharing by Japanese AV star
  52. 52. SM Demo
  53. 53. Penile painting (with cover)
  54. 54. Performance
  55. 55. Sex Education Talks
  56. 56. Product Standard Seminar
  57. 57. Local fans
  58. 58. Photo Session
  59. 59. Young couples
  60. 60. Visitors
  61. 61. Female visitors
  62. 62. Foreign Fans
  63. 63. Experience Sharing Topic - quite sensitive, not as a taboo as funeral in traditional Chinese society but may touch on moral issues - Welcomed by young couples and new generations Potential risk: - legal: government censorship on stage program - objections from religion and education bodies - damage to company image
  64. 64. Experience Sharing Research and new findings - in research stage, major traders and suppliers were contacted. Surprisingly, in contrast to traditional thinking, over 50% of the business comes from female market such as novelty and lingerie. - sex toys are now very popular among young couples or lovers
  65. 65. Experience Sharing Target Visitors: young couples and female famous male performers from Australia, Badboys Pricasso, the world’s famous penile painter Instead of AV actress, we had “golden finger”, Mr Kato Taka
  66. 66. Experience Sharing Educational talks for young couples Cosplay shows instead of lingerie shows No naked or topless performance
  67. 67. Experience Sharing To differentiate from so many Sex Culture Festivals in different cities of mainland China, we have to make our show “Professional”. all the performers and models are invited from overseas, Australia and Japan medicine suppliers are NOT allowed to join unless they can show license from Macau Health Department as such kind of exhibitors comprised over 1/3 of exhibition booths in Sex Culture Festivals. But they are usually selling faked products.
  68. 68. Feedback There were over 80 media, local and overseas They include newspapers, magazine, television, radio, online media etc. There were over 200 news clippings, all very positive on the show
  69. 69. Experience Sharing 2nd Edition of Asia Adult Expo in 2009 No. of booths: +70% Visitor number: 15,000 25,000 International Media: 80 100
  70. 70. Experience Sharing Major adult fairs in the global: Asia: Asia Adult Expo, Venetian, Macao America: Adult Entertainment Expo, Las Vagas Europe: Venus Expo, Berlin, Germany
  71. 71. 88 things to do in HK by CNNGO
  72. 72. 88 things to do in HK by CNNGO
  73. 73. 88 things to do in HK by CNNGO
  74. 74. Challenges and Opportunities We are always exploring new topics, new ideas in order to create more room for the development of the company. Lots of effort and resources have to be invested to make sure the right topics are chosen. New topic offers you opportunity but also risk. Risk management plays a big role when developing innovative topics, especially when trying out some thing that never tried before in the country or region. Risk and return have to be carefully assessed making sure that they are well balanced.
  75. 75. Challenges and Opportunities To overcome the traditional mis- interpretation on some sensitive topics, it is important to show our PROFESSIONALISM. We have to tell the government/society and the relevant industry that we are in neutral position and professional to provide a platform for the upgrading of the industry.
  76. 76. Challenges and Opportunities Besides commercial return, great job satisfaction is offered to the project team when innovative topics are materialized. This helps to maintain a relatively low turnover in manpower for the company.
  77. 77. Thank you We welcome cooperation and partnership on any innovative topics. Thank you very much email: kenny.lo@verticalexpo.com www.verticalexpo.com