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UFI Education FM - Taipei 2010 - Michael Duck


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Best Practice Organizer: How to successfully organize vocational training within your company. By: Michael Duck, Senior Vice-President, UBM Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, China

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UFI Education FM - Taipei 2010 - Michael Duck

  2. 2. Wishing you all the best for the Year of Tiger!
  3. 3.  4QF 2008?  2009?  Economy crisis?  Business challenges?
  4. 4. UBM Asia Program (APAC)  With the economic crisis, UBM Asia focused on enhancing sales in the region: 1. Better Buyer Relationships 2. Sales Coaching 3. Negotiation Skills 4. Innovation for Business Profits 5. Advanced Selling & Persuasion Skills
  5. 5. Coaching Skills Training • Individual Coaching (One to One): Delegation & Performance Development • Team Coaching: Sales skills & Reinforcing Team Values
  6. 6. Executive Personal Productivity Training  Implemented in Shanghai office  For senior leaders  10 weeks coaching sessions  Positive feedback and outcome  More leaders for this programme in 2010
  7. 7. Health & Safety: Construction Industry Safety Card Course – Hong Kong • The Importance of Safe Work System • General Duties of Proprietor & Persons Employed • Factories & Industrial Undertakings Ordinance & Subsidiary Regulations • The Potential Hazards of Works; Principles of Accident Prevention; Emergency Preparedness • Safety in Site Formation & Excavation • Manual Lifting & Handling; Personal Protective Equipment; Safety in Scaffolds • Working Platforms & Ladders; Control of Construction Wastes
  8. 8. HKECIA Safety Seminar – Hong Kong • Organized by Hong Kong Labour Department • Safety Seminar for the Exhibition Industry
  9. 9. Regional Employees’ Retention Rate Total Headcount Total Leavers Total Turnover % Jan 589 2 0.34 Feb 587 13 2.21 Mar 590 8 1.36 Apr 594 9 1.52 May 592 9 1.52 Jun 590 10 1.69 Jul 619 22 3.55 Aug 659 5 0.76 Sep 658 6 0.91 Oct 663 1 0.15 Nov 660 7 1.06 Dec 640 23 3.59 Grand Total 115 1.55%
  10. 10. Initiatives from Global Programme  Business Leaders Programme (BLP)  UBM Wiki
  11. 11. Business Leaders Programme
  12. 12. History Business Leaders Programme Year Number of Location delegates  Started in 2001 as “High US 10 Potential” Leadership 06 18 Europe 7 programme Asia 1 US 10  Relaunched in 2006 as Europe 7 07 20 Business Leaders Asia 2 Programme (BLP) followed Australia 1 by 2007 & 2008 US 11 08 20 Europe 7 Asia 2
  13. 13. Objectives Business Leaders Programme 1. To develop identified high potential executives for future senior business leadership; 2. To increase awareness/knowledge of senior UBM management of the talent within the group; 3. To act as a retention and development tool for high potentials; 4. To give high potentials access to senior UBM management across the group; 5. To provide greater opportunities for peer networking and cross- fertilisation around the group; and 6. To encourage and develop a coaching culture across group by involving senior managers as project sponsors.
  14. 14. Content Business Leaders Programme A. Modules (3 modules around the following broad themes): 1. Exploring Leadership and Strategy in UBM 2. Authentic & Influential Leadership 3. Personal and Organisational Transformation B. Projects: 1. Delegates divided into project teams to work on projects which are created to address real UBM business challenges and opportunities 2. Each project is sponsored by a senior manager within UBM 3. Delegates are required to work on the projects in between modules
  15. 15. Content Business Leaders Programme C. Coaching: 1. Each delegate is allocated an external coach (from a panel of 3 UK based coaches) 2. 1-2-1 coaching sessions take place during each module D. Virtual Learning: 1. Since 06, a wiki has been established for the delegates as an additional means of knowledge sharing, communication and support 2. For the 08 programme, Books 24x7 has been offered as an additional remote learning support i.e. online business books, periodicals, webinars etc.
  16. 16. Achievement Business Leaders Programme Delegates have cited the following learning and development outcomes:  Increased knowledge of other divisions, exposure to senior level “thinking”, formal training on key leadership and strategic subjects, opportunity to identify personal leadership styles and areas for development, access to personal coaching, opportunity to work on real business projects in unfamiliar areas.  High calibre external speakers.  Perspective on my leadership style, chance to focus on my strengths and opportunities to grow.  Thinking more broadly and feel empowered to have strategic discussions with my customers.  It’s a brutal schedule but the learning is great.  A clearer understanding of the dynamics of leadership.  Programme has provided me with an incredible set of tools.  Each module put my entire role as a leader into perspective.  A transformational journey.  The best experience of my business life.
  17. 17. Achievement Business Leaders Programme The following indicates that specific career advancement has been achieved by some programme delegates: Year Career Advancement 01 of 5 remaining:  3 have achieved various promotions. 06 of 18:  3 have been promoted;  2 have moved divisions to take on more senior roles; and  2 others have increased responsibilities within existing roles. 07 of 18:  3 have been promoted; and  4 have increased responsibilities within existing roles.
  18. 18. Objective UBM Wiki 1. Connect  First fundamental factor in our online community's success  Connect across geographical borders and divisional boundaries  Become simple to reach out to people you've never met with the group  Find valuable documents  Joined discussion on work topics  Solving problems through network of connections within the company  The better connected our employees are, the more effective our organization becomes
  19. 19. Objective UBM Wiki 2. Communicate  Offers powerful channels for improving the way we communicate  Change from one-way communication (top-down) to not only two-way (people responding to the writer), but to open discussions among many people, including follow up by the writer  Our managers have their written communications invited response i.e. People comment on the CEO's blog etc.  Communicating became more about an invitation to think and join a lively conversation, thus, it's making communications more effective
  20. 20. Objective UBM Wiki 3. Collaborate  Learning within the group through collaborating in Wiki  Saves the company money, leads to more revenue  Leads to new business opportunities, innovation and competitive advantage  Our online community is helping us work together better
  21. 21. Achievements UBM Wiki Dear UBM posted by the “group CEO” accessible to all with clear strategy and related news divisions to different business.
  22. 22. Achievements UBM Wiki Positive responses from UBM employees  More than 80% users accessed information they need  63% participants commented they learned useful things through wiki
  23. 23. Achievements UBM Wiki Formed a group for Haiti Earthquake Relief  Share updated information  Donation drive
  24. 24. Thank you! Q & A Session