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  1. 1. Evaluating Info skills• Simone Ngozi Okolo• Services and Skills Manager – 13th January 2012
  2. 2. Evaluating Info skillsReasons for the evaluation Methodology used • Find out who is using this resource. • Online questionnaire – designed with just 12 • What aspect of the resource they find most questions. useful • 28 students and staff, filled in the online • Whether it meets their level of current study questionnaire. and if they would recommend this resource to other students. • Focus group – 3 students attended the focus • Publicise the resource and increase usage. group • Any other recommendation they might have • Very small sample but we belief the information gathered to be of high quality and useful.
  3. 3. Online feedbackSurvey went live in October Data collected until end of Nov. Are you? • 28 people responded to the14 online survey and the results12 are as follows.10 • It was important for us to 8 know what the different 6 groups within UEL are saying 4 • 1st year – 13 2 • 2nd & 3rd year – 4 • PG. – 4 0 • Staff – 2 • International -1
  4. 4. Have you used Info Skills before?71% said No Action25 • Of the 13 1st year students, just 4 had used Info Skills20 • None of the second years had used the resource • 1 out of the 4 3rd years had used15 the resource • 1 out of the 4 PG students, had10 used Info Skills • We hope that the re-positioning of the resource on our website5 will make it more accessible to our students0 • Continue with our marketing Yes No strategy
  5. 5. Would you recommend Info Skills to a friend? Although majority said they96.4% would recommend hadn’t used it30 • 27 out of the 2825 respondents said they would recommend Info20 Skills • The 3rd year student who15 said No also said they found10 the resource both excellent and at the right level.5 • They either wanted to keep it to themselves or not0 Yes No collaborative learner
  6. 6. Which sections of the site did you find most useful? Followed by Finding andReferencing came out on top identifying information18 • 1st Year students found all the sections useful and particularly the referencing section16 • 2nd years were interested in Identifying and14 finding information and to a lesser extent referencing and evaluating information12 • 3rd year students found indentifying and Evaluating information useful. One singled out10 referencing and the other finding information8 • The one International student said they found all the sections useful6 • Postgraduate students said they found the section on Finding information (2) and one4 mentioned referencing section2 • The two staff members found referencing and evaluating information useful0 • Students could pick more than one section in Identifying Finding Evaluating Referencing this question information information information information
  7. 7. How would you rate this site?92% rated it excellent to Good16 • 4 of the students who rated it excellent are14 1st years12 • 3 out of the 4 3rd years rated it excellent • The 1st year student who found it10 satisfactory also said it was too difficult. The student can dip into they resources8 whenever they need to • 1 staff and 1 PG rated it excellent6420 Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor Very poor
  8. 8. Do you feel that the informationon the site is at the right level? None found it to be too easy 30 • One 1st year student found the resource 25 both satisfactory and too difficult • Remarkable that all students found it to be at the right level for them given that Info 20 Skills is targeted at Level One • One questioned why it was targeted at level 15 one and not for all 10 5 0 Yes No-Too difficult No-too easy
  9. 9. What resources on the site do you find most useful?1816 • The downloadable guides came up on top14 because they can print it off and refer to it when it’s needed.12 • The information is also concise.10 • The conclusion is that students found all8 aspects of this very useful.6420
  10. 10. What do you like most about the site?Comments Comments• I like the staff talking in the videos and also • I havent looked in great detail at all the the advice students gave in the video areas of this resource however I have• It makes me feel that you care about my wanted to develop a quiz for Harvard education - (International Student) referencing for Study Skills students - and• Its` necessity for students. here it is! Great! Now how to make passing this test a compulsory part of study skills! -• I really like this site because before i had less (Staff) knowledge about Harvard referencing, also i didn’t know too much about how to avoid • The ease of use plagiarism since i start using this site, i have • The is an excellent tools in the sense that it learnt preety much about all those things helps students who struggle with the initial it has quiz system i really like this system its stages of finding resources of interest. (3rd kinda testing your knowledge how far u Yr) understand it all i ll say this is an excellent site. • Referencing - the other info that was on UEL• The whole site itself. website was confusing to use. This is• It is very easy and simple to access. straight forward. • The thing I like most about this site is that, as a first year student with little understanding of how to reference, it gives you a breakdown of how to cite your source of information properly in order to aviod plagiarism.
  11. 11. What do you like most about the site?Comments• The site is quite helpful and i think a lot of useful information is stored for the new • Videos students. It shows you ways of searching for the right information you need and it guides you • Quizzes to many resources that would be essential for • Ease of use your studies and assignments .• Easy to use and cover all areas of academic • How to cite – more• study The layout makes it easy to read and find what understandable and less youre looking for confusing• What I most like about the info skills website that the website provides step by step • Layout information and guidance on how to approach any assignment that involves doing research • Step by step , on how to gather and reference information. (2nd Yr) • Well organised site• This saves time when looking for help. Has mainly used the ‘academic integrity’ bit, and has • Time saving used videos (Focus Group) • Everything in one place
  12. 12. Is there anything that you feel is missing from the site?Suggestions Suggestions• Examples of bad referencing • Would like video length to be displayed• More video on how to argue in an before pressing play. (Staff) essay• Video lectures for our module (2nd yr)• More information on using Endnote and other reference management software (PG)• More examples of referencing would be helpful. Not looked enough to see what else missing.(Focus Group)• Not sure. Might be helpful if it included advice on how to conduct a literature search and on how to lay out / structure your dissertation (Focus Group)
  13. 13. How did you hear about Info Skills?The website and lecturerrecommendation came out on top Response from Focus Group 12 • Never heard of it before being asked to join focus group moments earlier 10 • Posters could be way of marketing it, but 8 only if they are attention-seeking • UELSU banners on railings are effective 6 means of marketing – perhaps library could try same idea 4 • E-mail not a good way to communicate with 2 students, because inboxes are overwhelmed with e-mail from university. 0 • Would prefer a pop-up on UELPlus as a means of promoting it. She also said she doesn’t generally notice the plasma screens in the library and doesn’t read Universe.
  14. 14. Other Focus Group questionsHave you tried to use Info What other support have you triedskills on a mobile device? to access for your assignments• Never tried. • A – Generally just looks at• Not tried, but will test on lecturer’s PowerPoints on UELPlus. Now in third year of iPhone and report back to programme and still getting Ella. Would like to know if head around how to use compatible with all types of Athens. Athens access easier device. now that passwords set up automatically and also liked the Athens support leaflet. • B – Used Ask-a-Librarian a couple of times in the past
  15. 15. ConclusionThe resource is useful Info Skills• A lot of positive feedback from staff and students• Share this findings with all partners – e.g. using videos to communicate lectures• Keep Info Skills refreshed and up-to-date – already our new website means that some of the demonstrations will need updating• We need to add new content – videos, quizzes• Work on embedding in Skills Module. E.g. Making referencing quizzes an element of the course• More work on publicising and embedding info skills• From the evaluation we have learnt about aspects of marketing and ideas for future content development• You are welcome to use the
  16. 16. ?• Thank you to:• Ella Mitchell• Kelly Travers• Hugh Bowman• Robin Stinson• Catherine Johnson• Nicky Hale• Graham Fennell• Kaye Larbi – 13th January 2012