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GCSE PE Revision: The structure of the skeletal system

Revision tool for pupils studying for their GCSE Physical Education exam.

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GCSE PE Revision: The structure of the skeletal system

  1. 1. The Structure of the Skeletal System
  2. 2.  The human body is made up of over 200 bones.  For your exam, you should be able to name the main bones.  The skeletal system has five main functions: 1. Protection- the vital organs in your body. 2. Production- blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. 3. Storage- holds the organs in place. 4. Shape- gives shape to the body, tall or short? 5. Movement- bones, muscles and joints all aid movement.
  3. 3. Cranium Mandible Clavicle Sternum Ribs Humeru s Radius Ulna Femu r Patella Tibia Fibul a Carpals Metacarpa ls Phalanges Tarsals Metatarsal s Phalanges Scapula Labels off Labels on Pelvis
  4. 4. Radius UlnaCarpals Metacarpals
  5. 5. The Vertebral Column 7 cervical vertebrae 12 thoracic vertebrae 5 lumbar vertebrae 5 sacral vertebrae 4 coccyx
  6. 6. Good luck!