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Cloud computing came to stay


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By Viviana Ibáñez

Published in: Education
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Cloud computing came to stay

  1. 1. Viviana IbáñezTeacher: Lcda. Mercedes Delgado de Cabrera 12th A2 2012-2013 November 27th, 2012
  2. 2. Software Hardware
  3. 3. • Is an Information Technology service where athird party company hosts the company’sapplications, software, documents and amongothers.
  4. 4.  Small, medium, and big enterprises should implement cloud computing because this service increases employees’ productivity, it is reliable and secure, allows collaborators to shift focus to more important projects, and it reduces costs.
  5. 5. •Offers tools of simple use
  6. 6. Cloud has a familiar method towork, the employees can adaptfaster, and there is no need to trainthem.
  7. 7. •Supports the internal and external•communication.
  8. 8. •Different deployment models.
  9. 9. •Company and service provider responsibilities. Service provider Company Strict policies Firewall Background research of Physical security and their employees controlled access Intrusion detection Strong passwords system
  10. 10. Allows collaborators and IT department to shift focus to more important projects.•Information is monitored by an external data center. American companies United States European and African Ireland and companies Netherlands Asian and Australian Singapore and Hong companies Kong
  11. 11. Allows collaborators and IT department to shift focus to more important projects.•Helps focus in other projects and obtain strategies. Connectivity at any time. Scalability more achievable. Have a better relationship with customers. Stronger team
  12. 12. •Pay only for what the company uses.
  13. 13. The Cloud in a future willcompletely replace theservers, as the Cloudcame to stay.
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