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Thyroid gland dysfunction 1


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Forth Year

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Thyroid gland dysfunction 1

  1. 1. Thyroid Gland Dysfunction Badr AL-Jindan, BDS , MSc , Dip. ABOMS, FRCD(C ) Diplomate Of The American Board Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Fellow Of The Royal College Of Dentist Of Canada Assistant professor, King Faisal university, AL-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Adjunct professor, McGill university , Montreal, Canada
  2. 2. Objectives • Hypothalamic -Pituitary-Thyroid Axis • Thyroid dysfunction – Etiology – Clinical Manifestation – Medical management – Dental managements (modification) – Management of associated emergencies
  3. 3. Hypothalamic -Pituitary-Thyroid Axis
  4. 4. Thyroid function • Growth – – • Stature attainment Promote bone formation and maturation CNS – Prenatal ;, • – Adult hood( • • • Resemble B adrenergic agonist Metabolic rate – – • Hypo : decrease memory Hyper: irritability ANS – • Hypo : mental retardation basal metabolic rate carbohydrate , proteins and fat metabolism CVS – Increase cardiac output, increase O2 tissue delivery
  5. 5. Etiology Hypothyroid Hyperthyroid
  6. 6. Clinical Manifestation Hypothyroid Hyperthyroid
  7. 7. Clinical Manifestation Hypothyroid Hyperthyroid
  8. 8. Medical Assessment Of Thyroid Dysfunction
  9. 9. Medical Management Of Thyroid Dysfunction
  10. 10. Hyperthyroid
  11. 11. Hypothyroid
  12. 12. Dental Management Of Thyroid Dysfunction
  13. 13. Dental Emergencies associated with Thyroid Dysfunction
  14. 14. Thyroid Storm Myxedema fever (hallmark) rapid heart rate nausea/vomiting diarrhea irregular heart beat weakness heart failure confusion/disorientation Weakness Confusion Feeling cold Low body temperature Swelling of the body Difficulty breathing decrease thyroid hormone synthesis control the heart rate (Beta blockers; propranolol )) I.V. fluids Electrolytes replacement correct the low thyroid hormone I.V. steroids Warming blanket Glucose supplements (if the blood sugar level is low) treat underlying cause Lower mortality compared to thyroid storm I.V steroids may be used to help support the circulation. mortality approached 100%. However, now, with the use of aggressive therapy ,death rate less than 20%.