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Case 5


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Oral Diagnosis I
Third Year

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Case 5

  1. 1. Case 5 Dr. Hassan M. Abouelkheir BDS, MSC, PhD
  2. 2.  Male patient aged 54 years old .Male patient aged 54 years old .  He complains of pain in lower firstHe complains of pain in lower first molar teeth #19. pain started one daymolar teeth #19. pain started one day back which is agrivated by hot or coldback which is agrivated by hot or cold drinks.drinks.  Pain killers does not relief pain.Pain killers does not relief pain.  Past medical history :Past medical history :  Chronic cough with copious sputum &Chronic cough with copious sputum & mild dyspnea.mild dyspnea.  He take MethylxanthineHe take Methylxanthine Case 5
  3. 3. Case 5  Hospitalization in 1995 due to carHospitalization in 1995 due to car accident and fracture of left wrist butaccident and fracture of left wrist but he recoverd completely.he recoverd completely.  Family history:Family history:  Father has diabetes mellitus type 2 &Father has diabetes mellitus type 2 & mother has osteoarthritis.mother has osteoarthritis.  Psycho social History:Psycho social History:  He is novelist . He smokes 2 packet ofHe is novelist . He smokes 2 packet of cigarettes per day for more than25cigarettes per day for more than25 years.years.
  4. 4. Case 5  Dental History:Dental History:  Amalgum restoration on tooth #19Amalgum restoration on tooth #19 since 2 years back .since 2 years back .  He has gain of wt.He has gain of wt.
  5. 5. Case 5  What is the suspected diagnosis of theWhat is the suspected diagnosis of the case?case?  Acute or chronic pulpits.Acute or chronic pulpits.  Periodontal disease.Periodontal disease.  Periapical infection.Periapical infection.  Other lesion.Other lesion.
  6. 6. Group I  Diseases induced by smokingDiseases induced by smoking::  Lung cancerLung cancer  Pregnancy and smoking effectsPregnancy and smoking effects  Precancerous lesions.Precancerous lesions.
  7. 7. Group 2  What are the types of pulpitis?What are the types of pulpitis?  Acute suppurative pulpitis.Acute suppurative pulpitis.  Acute non suppuratice .Acute non suppuratice .  Chronic pupitisChronic pupitis  Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis .Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis .  Treatment planes.Treatment planes.
  8. 8. Group 3  Non steriods Anti-inflammatory Drugs?Non steriods Anti-inflammatory Drugs?  ClassificationClassification  Side effectsSide effects  Cox1 & cox2Cox1 & cox2  Mode of action.Mode of action.  PrecautionsPrecautions  Dental management of pt takingDental management of pt taking NSAIDS.NSAIDS.