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4.anti colinergic


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Third Year

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4.anti colinergic

  1. 1. AnticholinergicAnticholinergic drugsdrugs Dr Heba A. Mahmoud
  2. 2. Anti-muscarinic drugsAnti-muscarinic drugs Mode of action: Competitive antagonist compete with acetyl choline for muscarinic receptors
  3. 3. Actions ofActions of Anti-CholinergicsAnti-CholinergicsActions ofActions of Anti-CholinergicsAnti-Cholinergics Eye: blocks all cholinergic activity on the eye, resulting in  passive mydriasis  cycloplegia (inability to focus for near vision).  Increase intraocular pressure CVS: ↑HR (after initial HR)↓ ↑ AVN conduction Large dose atropine flush Respiratory system: bronchodilatation ↓ secretions
  4. 4. Actions of Anti-CholinergicsActions of Anti-Cholinergics GIT: antispasmodic reduce gastrointestinal tract motility ↓ gastric secretion dry mouth and constipation Urinary system: Relax bladder and retention of urine Secretions: decrease all secretions (except milk, bile) CNS: excitatory , inhibition of Vomiting centre , antiparkinsonian. Anti-motion sickness
  5. 5. Therapeutic uses of Anti-CholinergicsTherapeutic uses of Anti-Cholinergics Fundus examination and iridocyclitis (Mydriatic ) Atropine Tropicamide is used but short acting, 2 - 4 hrs Antidote for cholinergic agonists e.g. Organophosphorus poisoning (Atropine )  Heart block, vasovagal attack (Atropine ) Intestinal, biliary and renal Colic (hyoscine butyl bromide) Motion sickness (hyoscine) Peptic ulcer: pirenzepine
  6. 6. Therapeutic uses of Anti-CholinergicsTherapeutic uses of Anti-Cholinergics (cont.)(cont.) Nocturnal enuresis and urinary incontinence (emebronium is better) . Parkinsonism (benztropine) Bronchial asthma ipratropium is used by inhalation Preanesthetic medication to stimulate respiratory center , prevents vomiting, prevent excess bronchial and salivary secretions and protect heart from excess vagal tone (Hyoscine)
  7. 7. Anti-CholinergicsAnti-Cholinergics adverse effectsadverse effects  Dry mouth  Blurred vision, xero-ophthalmia (dry eye), glaucoma  Tachycardia  Constipation  Retention of urine  Hot and flushed skin Anti-CholinergicsAnti-Cholinergics contraindicationcontraindication  Glaucoma  Tachycardia  Paralytic ileus  Senile hypertrophy of prostate  Allergy to atropine