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Analysing The Feminism Voices In Audre Lorde’s Selected Poems


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Wiwin Haryantoni

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Analysing The Feminism Voices In Audre Lorde’s Selected Poems

  2. 2. Wiwin Haryantoni Dehasen University Bengkulu ANALYSING THE FEMINISM VOICES IN AUDRE LORDE’S SELECTED POEMS
  3. 3. Woman must not be stand as the second society regarded as human inferior and want to equal from women and men right. women oppression as the culture patriarchy act to race and gender and the root of women’s oppression in social condition. INTRODUCTIO N
  4. 4. Audre Lorde is one of the famous American poet. She is described herself as a black feminist of 20th century in America. The Selected Poems By Audre Lorde A Women Speaker (1968), For Each Of You (1968), Now (1968), Love Poem (1973), Coal (1976), The Black Unicorn (1978), Who Said It Was Simple (1978), Power (1982).
  5. 5. The theory that used is Black Feminism Plain and Sellers (2007:154) black feminist criticism is a body of critical and creative work written by women of African descent in the United States.
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY The descriptiv e method with qualitative approach. The main data for this study is taken from the selection of Audre Lorde’s poems To explore the analysis in-depth this analysis will be supported with some sources such as library, book, journal article, and internet. several techniques to analysis this paper are Close reading Re-reading the poetry intensively, carefully, and frequency then identify each line of the poems Looking the words which have relation to feminism issue and black women. Analyzing these words by using black feminism concept. Making conclusion
  7. 7. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Feminism is that men and women are inherently until now appear different and the very different occupy in social roles Michael Levin (1994:3). Black feminism came in the late 1960s and early 1970s and developed in conjunction with the second wave of American feminism. Simon (1995) stated that have recognized that situations of oppression may modify freedom itself.
  8. 8. FINDING AND DISCUSSION A. Women Oppression “A Woman Speaks (1968)” “For Each of You (1968)” “Moon marked and touched by sun” It describes moon and sun like love and hope that is shown by women possesses inside themselves as woman and to overcome this life to better life in the society. Women want the justice between women and men, even it’s very difficult as far known many discrimination that women only as the complement of men, responsibility as wife, household, and children keeper. “that boisterous black angel that drives you” It describes women must be become herself and can’t depend to other people. Black as women who can help each women, especially, women which get the oppression. Angel brings the shine to give spirit and hope for black women.
  9. 9. “ Now (1968) ” “Love Poem (1973)” “black power” black is stronger than the other, many Afro- American woman in having capacity any aspect which rise their status in social life. The black power activists such as racial justice, job, black studied program university, and community control of school. “speak earth and bless me with what is richest”, describe that women as creation by God should be loved despite only difference skin color.
  10. 10. “The Black Unicorn (1978)” “ Coal (1976) ” “I”, “is the total black, being spoken”, from the earth’s inside” The expression of women and Lorde’s as black feminist, leader, and poet which have relation with her individual and community in the society. Lorde’s as black writer got the oppression by white women and black men cause difference color. “the black unicorn is greedy”, “the black unicorn is impatient”, “the black unicorn was mistaken” The expression of every women, black women, mother, and daughter. The woman have been strong for resistance each problem eventhough only on a woman. Women get the oppression such as race, sex, gender, and social.
  11. 11. “Who Said it Simple (1978)” ” Power (1982)” “discussing the problematic girls”, “they hire to make them free” the women always get the oppression by dominated and making the unite for the look out all the oppression such as NBFO (The National Black Feminist Organization). “A policeman who shot down a ten year old in Queens”, “I didn't notice the size nor nothing else only the color” the white man or the policeman in the New York which the shoot the boy until died, but in the judgment the police get the free in the fact the police fals. The discrimination not only for the black women but also all the Afro-American. Consequently, as black women refuse all the action by American people toward all the Afro- Africa. The oppression black women cause difference of race.
  12. 12. “A Woman Speaks (1968)” “For Each of You (1968)” B. Audre Lorde’s the Voices Empower Women “I have been woman”, “I am”, “woman”, the expression by Lorde’s as woman and woman from America. The describe that Lorde’s as black woman and black feminist Afro-America. “and not white” “black angel” angel as women which given shine every black women. The word angel can be describe the roles of angel such as protecting, guiding human beings, and carrying out God’s tasks. The describe that Lorde, s as angel can be protection her children are Jonathon and Elizabeth when divorce with her husband Edward Rollins in 1970.
  13. 13. “ Now (1968) ” “Love Poem (1973)” “black power” women must not be treated as second class in the society. Therefore, women the expression as give protection, spirit, and love. The strong of black women for all the resistance and oppression by white women and men. In line “black power”, is slogan for people of Africa decent to America. “woman power”, “speak earth and bless me with what is richest” Lorde’s expression that she come from earth Africa decent to America which get the protection from God and as woman many literary work such as poem, essay, and novel. In line “and I knew when I entered her I was”, Lorde’s expressed that she made as mother for her children.
  14. 14. “The Black Unicorn (1978)” “ Coal (1976) ” “I”, “is the total black” I as the expression by Lorde self as black writer the poems. Total black the expression that Lorde as black women. Lorde as black women want to raise status in the society and resistance all the oppression. “the black unicorn is greedy”, “the black unicorn is impatient”, “the black unicorn was mistaken”, the describe of Lorde as woman who powerful for resistance every oppression. Lorde’s complaint against white American thrusting its unnatural culture on black.
  15. 15. “Who Said it Simple (1978)” ” Power (1982)” The expression by Lorde’s refuse if black women only as the human inferior which only as weak women. the describe of Lorde’s for find the identity to resist oppression.
  16. 16. CONCLUSIO N The patriarchal culture in the society that superiority of men has oppressed of women. Men dominated social and cultural systems, men have the power, and men have the superiority over women and children. Black women find of oppression by culture of men and always weak, as second class and more get the oppression than men. Lorde’s empower herself by refuse the image that she only one category, raise the positive image, refuse negative mind of human in life.  Lorde’s get the oppression cause of her race and gender. Lorde’s overcome from her oppression, gives the energy for other women to resist of the discrimination culture.