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Week 7 Breaking the Rules - Arthur Attwell


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Arthur is the co-founder and director of Electric Book Works, which develops new and better ways to publish in emerging markets. He is also the founder of Paperight, an award-winning network of print-on-demand bookstores; co-founder of Bettercare, which publishes innovative course books for nurses and midwives; co-founder of Book Dash, which creates children’s books anyone can freely translate, print and distribute; and co-founder of the Digital Minds Network, a think-tank of digital-publishing experts working in developing countries. He is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. Arthur is the author of Designing for Digital, the EBW Knowledge Base, Encyclopaedia Britannica‘s ‘ebook‘ entry, and Killing Time, poetry written for his MA in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town. He worked in educational and scholarly publishing for two multinational publishers before starting EBW in 2006. He has presented at conferences in South Africa, India, Europe and the US, and was runner-up for the British Council’s International Young Publishing Entrepreneur award in 2009.

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Week 7 Breaking the Rules - Arthur Attwell

  1. 1. I once had a sportscar. Then I decided to start a business.
  2. 2. Hogsback Library, valkyrieh116, Flickr (CC–BY–NC–SA)
  3. 3. Hogsback Library hours, valkyrieh116, Flickr (CC–BY–NC–SA)
  4. 4. Local publishing in 2012 English: R156 m Afrikaans: R156 m African languages: R1.7m (0.005%)
  5. 5. Local fiction publishing in 2012 English: R19.5 m Afrikaans: R48.7 m African languages: R17K (0.0002%)
  6. 6. Traditional publishing process 1. Develop product (write, edit, design) 2. Central manufacturing 3. Warehousing 4. Shipping 5. Retail (display and sales) 6. Ship and/or destroy unsold copies
  7. 7. A failure is any open-ended task that you’re not still doing.
  8. 8. Soundtrack Online ebook help Ebook reading tips EBWebookedition ‘A technicolour, jazzy rollercoaster ride into a dazzling hell. Like A Clockwork Orange, it has the makings of a cult success.’ André Brink Soundtrack 01 tone deaf JunkieS | fred iS dead 02 Mr Gelatine | unknown Quantity 03 taxi Violence | QueStion x 04 Jacob iSrael | for old tiMeS Sake 05 PriMaudiol | old School 06 nine | ePiSode 07 laGoS diSco Machine | blue oranGe Sky lake 08 Mix n blend | beautiful 09 daMn riGht | kreature 10 Mr Gelatine | frank 11 the real eState aGentS | SuPer eVil (PizzaS Mix) 12 kruShed Sorted | kinG of the SwinGerS (aniMal chin reMix) 13 Jacob iSrael | Pretty thinGS 14 dank | loSinG faith Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Ö Soundtrack Online ebook help Ebook reading tips kendra It’s nothing.An injectable.A prick.No hospital involved. Like a booster shot with added boost. Just keep telling yourself. The corporate line shushes through the tunnels on a skin of seawater, overflow from the tide drives put to practical use in the clanking watery bowels of Cape Town – like all the effluent in this city. Like me. Art school dropout reinvented as shiny brand ambassador. Sponsor baby. Ghost girl. I could get used to this, seats unmarked by the pocked craters of cigarette burns, no blaring adboards, no gangsters checking you out. But elevated status is not 8
  9. 9. Child HealthcareA guide to common paediatric disorders Prof Dave Woods ChildHealthcare e ems e in n be ce ProfDaveWoods Treating important clinical problems Teach yourself “A cheap and practical way to reach health workers who may not be able to attend the traditional teaching courses.” – World Health Organization IMCI report 2007
  10. 10. Most solutions need an INTERMEDIATE TECHNOLOGY —EF Schumacher, ‘Small is Beautiful’
  11. 11. Clockwise from top left: Esthr, South Africa (CC–BY–NC); subcomandanta, Kenya; Victor de la Fuente, Gambia; Kalense Kid, Kenya (CC–BY–NC–SA)
  12. 12. Anyone can use to print books on any printer
  13. 13. What textbook prices pay for Retailer ± 40% Bookshop rent, booksellers, mar- keting, admin, tech, and profit Publisher ± 30% Authors, editors, designers, admin, marketing, tech, and profit Printing ± 15% Technicians, ma- terials, marketing, admin and profit Logistics ± 15% Warehousing, ship- ping, wastage, cus- tomer service, tech, admin and profit Created by Paperight: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  14. 14. Village, Eastern Cape, by blackwych, Flickr (CC–BY–NC–ND)
  15. 15. @arthurattwell