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Week 3 Wokshop Wednesday: Philip Kiracofe - Failure Club


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With a multi-faceted career path and a successful reality show called the “Failure Club”, Philip Kiracofe says his life is guided by the perpetual quest for failure – even though he did summit Kilimanjaro! He is now working with local start-ups that have global ambitions. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in his Fail Fest today!

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Week 3 Wokshop Wednesday: Philip Kiracofe - Failure Club

  1. 1. Philip KIRACOFE
  2. 2. "SUCCESS" is what we let ourselves settle for when we are afraid to fail at something truly life defining. SUCCESS is comfort, success is justification, success is often disappointing, and it is always short lived
  3. 3. Failure Club NYC 2012 GINA – jump horses MEG – comedy routine
  4. 4. Failure Club NYC 2012 LIZ – handyman business IGNACIO – clothing line
  5. 5. Philip KIRACOFE
  6. 6. with fear Dancin g
  7. 7. What is fear?
  8. 8. Embrace vulnerabilit
  9. 9. Stop watching And Grind Swag
  10. 10. Dancin g with fear