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Week 2 Mindblowing Monday: Kumbirai Gundani - Fundu


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“After holding the post of the University Student Parliament Chairperson and running 7 marathons to raise money for Shawco, a charity based in Cape Town, I won 4 leadership awards during my university years. I was twice awarded the prestigious Vice Chancellor’s most outstanding student leader award at UCT. I have a B.Com Economics and Statistics from UCT, and am very value-centered and grounded in my principles. In 2010 I was asked to deliver a speech at The World Economic Forum about the role of youth in the economy. The invitation and speech was indicative of my vast experience and talent in visionary leadership, management and the execution of plans. I am the recipient of the Barclays Bank Junior Achievement Global Entrepreneur of the Year for 2007. I also co-founded JSI holdings, which has been at the heart of micro-finance since 2006 in Zimbabwe.”

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Week 2 Mindblowing Monday: Kumbirai Gundani - Fundu

  1. 1. FUNDA.
  2. 2. To make a splash you do not always have to part the red-sea Our dream started with a presentation at super-stage
  3. 3. In the 20th century if you wanted to change the world you became a lawyer or doctor Nowadays you need to meet like minded people and collaborate and maybe get an MBA
  4. 4. If you ever consider taking a jump, this is the city to make it in And if you are worried about falling, as long as you work hard, there are more than enough support systems to help you out
  5. 5. It took us 2 years till we hit the bank, signed our first deal But like everything, you have to pay the school fees for it before you earn it