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Week 5 Whats The Big Idea - Ulrich Meyer Hollings


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Ulrich Meyer-Hollings of Future by Design says, “our imagination is a powerful force of competitive advantage”. Design Thinking has provided us with a very useful toolkit to build new ventures with real impact - by moving from observation into prototyping and market launch. His pop-up class will introduce this thinking with real examples of how design can future-proof your venture.

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Week 5 Whats The Big Idea - Ulrich Meyer Hollings

  2. 2. THE NEW CREATIVES / The world as you once knew it, has ceased to exist. From industry to industry, market to market, nation to nation, the old ways of doing things are not only out-of-date but increasingly only relevant for the few. At a time when the many have all the access and power and information they need to make things happen for themselves. The threats to those who persist with the old ways are existential and arrive with little warning. But the opportunities for those who can rapidly pit creativity against the challenges of our times – and make things radically different and infinitely better – are endless. As others react, retrench, and retreat, they are the ones pushing forward by tackling the big issues regardless of what they do, where they live or who they are. They are the New Creatives. They are wrestling the word back from a half century of superficial, ghettoised use, and and returning it to its roots: the development of new realities. These New Creatives are stripping away all the controlling layers that secure advantage for the few. They are creating cultures and experience that are anchored in things with real meaning and value for everyone. And they are being rewarded with brands that stand out and business models that stand the test of time. The New Creatives are coming to a business, institution or government near you.
  3. 3. AFRICA
  4. 4. M&G STRATEGY CONFERENCE 2015 Johannesburg, 6th and 7th of February 2015 DESIGN THINKING + DOING
  5. 5. Concrete RESEARCH Ethnographic Fieldwork THE WORLD CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT (Solution Refinement) YOU IDEATION (Problem Solving/ Co-Creation) ANALYSIS Pattern recognition Abstract
  6. 6. To understand how a Tiger hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.
  7. 7. Point of Departure Discovery (Implicit) Recommendation (Explicit) Strategic Objectives 1. De!ne and frame the problem Existing Assumptions 2. Critically challenge conventional wisdom 3. Synthesize patterns 4. Prioritize impact New Premises (New Assumptions) Change in Client Practice 5. Propose a course of action 6. Articulate potential impact and consequences Relevance Depth Value Land Sea Naive Analytical Advisory Realistic Mindset
  10. 10. purposeful 01 PURPOSEFUL gAMe ChAngers
  11. 11. 02 USEFUL useful gAMe ChAngers
  12. 12. 03 EXPERIMENTAL experiMentAl
  13. 13. 04 BOUNDARYLESS
  14. 14. 05 VALUE-CREATIVE
  15. 15. thank you