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UCT Upstarts 2015: Week 15: Making Tech Sense with Robyn Farah


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UCT Upstarts is the Vice-Chancellor’s Social Innovation Challenge. It’s a joint-initiative between UCT, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Super Stage. UCT Upstarts is igniting a ‘Student Start-up Nation’ by creating a parallel university experience – one that produces a generation of both graduates and social entrepreneurs - who solve real-world problems from campus, and launch start-up realities beyond it. UCT Upstarts is building a ‘Social Innovation Culture’ that literally does make Africa work better and is helping to create an ‘Innovation Economy’ that actually does create jobs – starting from campus!

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UCT Upstarts 2015: Week 15: Making Tech Sense with Robyn Farah

  1. 1. A Rapid Prototyping, Product Development and Consultancy for Innovative Technology.
  2. 2. The Maker Movement
  3. 3. The Ultimate Hacker
  4. 4. Guess what this is made out of
  5. 5. Creating an environment to explore in
  6. 6. Do Makers Create Innovative Solutions and Products?
  7. 7. Why Africa ? “AFRICA’S BEGGING BOWL IS LEAKING” - George Ayittey
  8. 8. Embrace technology, it allows us to see that our only limit is our imaginations
  9. 9. Questions ? | +27 (0)71 3328121 |