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Be He@lthy be mobile: twenty-first centry tobacco control


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Susannah Robinson

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Be He@lthy be mobile: twenty-first centry tobacco control

  1. 1. Be He@lthy Be Mobile: Twenty-first century tobacco control
  2. 2. Be He@lthy, Be Mobile: A global handbook SMS content Technology Promotion Monitoring and evaluation Program management 2
  3. 3. Country programs 3 Country Status India National launch of mTobaccoCessation in January 2016 across all 29 states. Service available in English and Hindi. Over 2 million registrations Costa Rica First country in the world to set up an mTobaccoCessation platform (2013). Sharing experience in the region (e.g. Panama) Tunisia National program launch December 2016 Philippines Launch of mobile health in 2-3 cities by the end of 2016
  4. 4. Case Study: India • National mTobaccoCessation service launched in Jan 2016 • Available in all 29 states in Hindi and English • Unique feature: registration by missed call (not just SMS) • Live dashboard for monitoring uptake and usage • 160,000+ registered in the first week and over 2 million by December 2016 • Sustainable: government-owned using existing mobile infrastructure (mSeva) 4
  5. 5. Not just tobacco mTobaccoCessation mDiabetes mHypertension mCervicalCancer mCOPD mTB-Tobacco
  6. 6. Agnostic platform mTobaccoCessation Other disease areas and services added (e.g. mTraining, mSurveillance) mTobaccoCessa tion, mTB- Tobacco, mDiabetes… Entire national health system capacity to add mobile elements to any programme mDiabetes mCervicalCancer mDiabetes mCervicalCancer mDiabetes mTraining
  7. 7. A step towards holistic health Strengthen the implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in all countries Reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and to promote well-being Achieve universal health coverage Upholds SDG 3 commitment to “Promote health and wellbeing for all at all ages”
  8. 8. THANKS! For additional information