TOP	  10	  REASONS	     WHY	  MAUI	  IS	     THE	  PERFECT	               SITE	  FOR	               ELECTRIC	             ...
EVs	  pose	  mul=ple	  challenges	  	                     to	  mass	  adop=on	  •    They	  are	  expensive	  •    They	  ...
Challenges	  for	  EVs	  (cont.)	  •  Poten=al	  owners	  are	  concerned	  that	  current	     technology	  will	  become...
But	  Maui	  could	  create	  a	  new	  paradigm	  for	  drivers:	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  Here	  are	  10	  reasons	 ...
#10	  Maui	  will	  benefit	  from	  early	            delivery	  of	  EVs	  
#9	  	  Maui	  is	  geographically	  small	  	  (which	  helps	  with	  “range	  anxiety”)	                               ...
#8	  Maui	  hosts	  	  nearly	  2	  million	  	  visitors	  per	  year,	  (or,	  on	  average,	  over	  half	  of	  the	  ...
85%	  of	  them	  choose	  rental	  cars	  	          for	  transporta=on.	  
That’s	  important	  in	  this	  plan,	  because	  EVs	  make	  sense	  for	  rental	  car	  companies:	  	  
•  Rental	  car	  companies	  can	  purchase	  in	  large	     quan==es	  •  Fleets	  change	  over	  quickly	  (they	  do...
•  Rental	  car	  companies	  can	  capture	  value	  when	     they	  resell	  the	  cars	  •  Having	  EVs	  makes	  the...
EVs	  will	  also	  appeal	  to	  rental	  car	               customers	  because	  .	  .	  .	  •  They	  can	  try	  the	...
•  They	  can	  get	  an	  extended	  “test	  drive”	     experience	  •  The	  car	  becomes	  part	  of	  the	  vaca=on	...
#7	  A	  majority	  of	      visitors	  stay	  at	   hotels	  or	  condos	  clustered	  along	  the	     south	  and	  wes...
#6	  Parking	  facili=es	  that	  are	  available	  for	  use	  by	  the	  general	  public	  and	  have	  at	  least	  10...
#5	  Golf	  courses,	  restaurants,	  and	  major	        tourist	  des=na=ons	  are	  installing	  	                    c...
#4	  Rental	  cars	  will	  encourage	  local	  adop=on	     •  EVs	  will	  become	  familiar	  (as	  hybrids	  did)	    ...
#3	  EVs	  will	  assist	  Maui’s	  isolated	  grid	  to	  integrate	  renewable	  energy:	  •  Wind	  and	  solar	     en...
•  Most	  EVs	  will	  charge	       at	  night,	  when	  loads	       on	  the	  u=lity	  are	  low	  	  •  EVs	  will	  ...
•  During	  the	  day=me,	  EVs	  can	  draw	  on	  solar	  energy	     (and	  the	  technology	  is	  available)	  
•  And	  EVs	  also	  become	  a	  poten=al	     source	  of	  storage	  -­‐	  a	  cri=cal	     component	  for	  an	  iso...
#2	  Because	  of	  having	     an	  isolated	  grid,	        Maui	  has	  been	    selected	  as	  a	  test	  site	  for	...
                             	  And	  the	  #1	  Reason	  EVs	  make	  sense	                       for	  Maui?	          ...
Gas	  Prices	  are	  the	  	  highest	  in	  the	  na=on!	  	  	  	                                                  Price...
Why	  are	  EVs	  important	  for	  Hawaiʻi?	  •  Hawaiʻi	  is	  the	  na=on’s	  most	  dependent	  state	     on	  foreig...
DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS,                           ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, ND                                   TOURISM Unive...
      Maui	  Electric	  Vehicle	  Alliance	  (EVA)	                                          	                            ...
Project	  Partners	  • Honolulu	  Clean	  Ci+es	                                 • Hawaii	  Electric	  Vehicle	  Network	 ...
Planning	  will	  begin	  in	  Fall	  2011	  	  	  	  For	  further	  informa=on,	  contact	    	                       Su...
Slide	  Credits	  •    Slide	  1,	  photograph	  by	  Hiren	  •    Slide	  4,	  image	  from	  hop://	  ...
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UH-Maui College Wins DOE Grant for Renewable Energy Charging of Rental Electric Vehicles


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DOE Planning Grant for Electric Vehicles Awarded to UHMC and DBEDT

The Department of Energy has awarded nearly $300,000 to University of Hawaiʻi Maui College—in partnership with the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT)—to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Hawaiʻi. UHMC was the only college or university that received a community planning grant in this initiative. “Our strategy,” says Susan Wyche, UHMC Special Projects Coordinator, “is to capitalize on Maui’s unique features that will support the mass adoption of electric vehicles, such as our short driving distances, high cost of gasoline, and the large number of rental vehicles that make up our vehicle population. Our goal is to have the highest EV ownership per capita in the world, and to combine that with the greatest percentage of fossil free sources to charge those EVs. Maui will serve as a case study for other islands in Hawaii, and the world.”

The strategy required extensive recruiting of partners willing to dedicate personnel time to the planning process. Over 30 partners will participate, including car rental companies and car dealers, resort hotels, utility companies, local and state environmental agencies, organizations with large vehicle fleets, and renewable energy producers. In addition, UHMC will be consulting with the University of California San Diego and San Diego Regional Clean Fuels Coalition, which have been national leaders in developing renewable energy resources, innovative policies, and studies on consumer use of electric vehicles.

“We worked with UH Maui College to get this grant because Maui is an ideal location for EV adoption. Maui attracts some two million visitors per year, and 85 percent of these use rental cars. Visitors and local people can test drive the cars; this will help them decide whether they would like to become EV owners. Many Maui resorts are putting in charging stations, so the infrastructure will be available. And EVs can be plugged in at night to use Maui-generated wind energy, which is usually most available in the evenings,” said Estrella Seese, acting administrator of DBEDT’s Energy Office.

The connection to renewable energy is key for the project, because the goal is not just to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles—which would only mean exchanging where the fuel is burned from the combustible engine to the central energy plant—but to power the vehicles through renewable energy. “This grant fits with the College’s goals of providing leadership in sustainable solutions for island-based economies,” says Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, “We look forward to cooperatively spearheading this effort which will contribute to our independence from imported fuels.”

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UH-Maui College Wins DOE Grant for Renewable Energy Charging of Rental Electric Vehicles

  2. 2. EVs  pose  mul=ple  challenges     to  mass  adop=on  •  They  are  expensive  •  They  require  new  infrastructure  •  They  provoke  “range  anxiety”  •  They  require  consumers  to  change  their   fueling  behavior  
  3. 3. Challenges  for  EVs  (cont.)  •  Poten=al  owners  are  concerned  that  current   technology  will  become  obsolete  quickly  •  Most  are  sold  in  advance,  so  limited   opportuni=es  for  test  driving  exist  •  They  create  an  unknown  impact  on  old  u=lity   grids  
  4. 4. But  Maui  could  create  a  new  paradigm  for  drivers:                    Here  are  10  reasons  why  .  .  .  
  5. 5. #10  Maui  will  benefit  from  early   delivery  of  EVs  
  6. 6. #9    Maui  is  geographically  small    (which  helps  with  “range  anxiety”)   26   Miles   across   48  miles  wide  
  7. 7. #8  Maui  hosts    nearly  2  million    visitors  per  year,  (or,  on  average,  over  half  of  the  people  here  are  visitors)  and  .  .  .    
  8. 8. 85%  of  them  choose  rental  cars     for  transporta=on.  
  9. 9. That’s  important  in  this  plan,  because  EVs  make  sense  for  rental  car  companies:    
  10. 10. •  Rental  car  companies  can  purchase  in  large   quan==es  •  Fleets  change  over  quickly  (they  don’t  have  to   worry  about  geang  stuck  with  obsolete   technology)  
  11. 11. •  Rental  car  companies  can  capture  value  when   they  resell  the  cars  •  Having  EVs  makes  them  more  compe==ve  in   the  rental  market  
  12. 12. EVs  will  also  appeal  to  rental  car   customers  because  .  .  .  •  They  can  try  the  cars  without  commiang  to  a   major  purchase  •  The  infrastructure  is  taken  care  of  at  their   des=na=on  
  13. 13. •  They  can  get  an  extended  “test  drive”   experience  •  The  car  becomes  part  of  the  vaca=on   adventure                                                      And  •  In  some  cases,  refueling  is  covered  by  their   hotels     (Which  leads  us  to  our  next  set  of  reasons  .  .  .  )    
  14. 14. #7  A  majority  of   visitors  stay  at   hotels  or  condos  clustered  along  the   south  and  west  coasts  of  the  island   (where  they  can   recharge  their  EV   cars  overnight)    
  15. 15. #6  Parking  facili=es  that  are  available  for  use  by  the  general  public  and  have  at  least  100  spaces  are  required  to  install  an  EV  charger  for  every  100  spaces  
  16. 16. #5  Golf  courses,  restaurants,  and  major   tourist  des=na=ons  are  installing     charging  sta=ons  
  17. 17. #4  Rental  cars  will  encourage  local  adop=on   •  EVs  will  become  familiar  (as  hybrids  did)   •  Infrastructure  for  visitor  des=na=ons  can  also                                         serve  local  drivers  (malls,  restaurants,  etc.)   •  Seeing  EVs  on  the  road  will  increase  buyer   interest   •  Local  drivers  can          rent  EVs  on  a  trial  basis   •  Maintenance  service            will  be  available      
  18. 18. #3  EVs  will  assist  Maui’s  isolated  grid  to  integrate  renewable  energy:  •  Wind  and  solar   energy  are  readily   available  on  Maui,   but  .  .  .  •  The  local  power   company  limits   variable  energy   sources  to  15%   because  of  its   impact  to  an  old   grid  
  19. 19. •  Most  EVs  will  charge   at  night,  when  loads   on  the  u=lity  are  low    •  EVs  will  help  the   local  u=lity  company   use  energy  from   wind  farms  (which  is   frequently  highest  at   night)    
  20. 20. •  During  the  day=me,  EVs  can  draw  on  solar  energy   (and  the  technology  is  available)  
  21. 21. •  And  EVs  also  become  a  poten=al   source  of  storage  -­‐  a  cri=cal   component  for  an  isolated  grid    
  22. 22. #2  Because  of  having   an  isolated  grid,   Maui  has  been   selected  as  a  test  site  for  “Smart  Grid”   systems  by  several   major  companies,  including  MECO,  GE,   and  Hitachi  
  23. 23.    And  the  #1  Reason  EVs  make  sense   for  Maui?        
  24. 24. Gas  Prices  are  the    highest  in  the  na=on!         Price  shown  from  May  2011        
  25. 25. Why  are  EVs  important  for  Hawaiʻi?  •  Hawaiʻi  is  the  na=on’s  most  dependent  state   on  foreign  oil  •  Hawaiʻi  spent  $7  billion  impor=ng  oil  –money   lost  to  reinves=ng  in  the  local  economy  •  60%  of  that  is  spent  for  transporta=on  •  Hawaiʻi  has  set  a  goal  of  genera=ng  40%  of  its   energy  locally  by  2030  
  26. 26. DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, ND TOURISM University  of  Hawaii  Maui  College,  in   partnership  with  the  State  of  Hawaii’s   Department  of  Business,  Economic  Development,  has  a  plan  for  helping  Maui   become  a  na=onal  leader  in  the  mass   adop=on  of  electric  vehicles  (EVs):      
  27. 27.   Maui  Electric  Vehicle  Alliance  (EVA)        Maui  EVA  will  bring  together  interested  par=es   to  develop  a  collabora=ve  strategy  for   promo=ng  EVs  and  encouraging  infrastructure   development.  The  group  consists  of   government,  business,  academic,  and  non-­‐ profit  organiza=ons.      
  28. 28. Project  Partners  • Honolulu  Clean  Ci+es   • Hawaii  Electric  Vehicle  Network  • University  of  California  –  San  Diego                  Corpora+on  • San  Diego  Regional  Clean  Fuels  Coali+on   • Hawaii  Electricians  Training  Fund    • AeroVironment   • Hawaii  Renewable  Energy  Development  • Be=er  Place                  Venture  • Castle  and  Cooke   • Hawaii  Energy  and  Technology  • CATRALA  (Car  &  Truck  Rental     • Hawaii  Natural  Energy  Ins+tute                Associa+on)   • The  Hertz  Corpora+on  • Chevron  Energy  Solu+ons   • Honua  Kai  Hotel  • County  of  Maui   • HNU  Energy  • Des+na+on  Resorts  Hawaii,  Inc.   • HTDC  -­‐  MEP  • EAN  Holdings  (Enterprise)   • Jim  Falk  Automo+ve  Group  • GreenCar  Hawaii   • Maui  Economic  Development  Board  • Grand  Wailea  Resort  Hotel  &  Spa   • Maui  Electric  Company  • Hawaii  Automobile  Dealers  Associa+on   • Maui  Hotel  and  Lodging  Associa+on  • Hawaii  Electric  Company   • Rising  Sun  Solar      
  29. 29. Planning  will  begin  in  Fall  2011        For  further  informa=on,  contact     Susan  Wyche,  Special  Projects  Coordinator   University  of  Hawaii  Maui  College   Tel.  808-­‐984-­‐3670            
  30. 30. Slide  Credits  •  Slide  1,  photograph  by  Hiren  •  Slide  4,  image  from  hop://  •  Slide  6,  map  by  Google  Maps  •  Slide  7,  image  of  Maui  Airport  (OGG)  •  Slide  9,  images  of  Enterprise  and  Hertz  EV  rental  car  adver=sements  •  Slide  14,  Photograph  by  Randall  Michelson  •  Slide  15,  Photograph  of  Beoer  Place  charging  sta=on,  image  from   hop://  •  Slide  16,  image  of  Kahili  Golf  Course,  Maui,  image  from  hop://  •  Slide  18,  image  of  Maui  Electric  Company  Power  Plant,  from   hop://  •  Slide  19,  image  of  Kaheawa  Wind  Farm  from  hop://  •  Slide  20,  image  of  GE  Solar-­‐powered  Carport  •  Slide  21,  image  of  Chargepoint  charging  sta=on  •  Slide  24,  photograph  by  Susan  Wyche