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University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) is a centre of four universities operating as a networked multi-science environment with about 3800 students and 180 experts.

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University Consortium of Pori

  1. 1. Introduction toUniversity Consortium of PoriMay 8th, 2013
  2. 2. What is UCPori?University Consortium ofPori (UCPori) is a centreof four universitiesoperating as anetworked multi-science environmentwith about 3800students and 180experts.
  3. 3. Where is UCPori?UCPori is located in Satakunta, in thecity centre of Pori, by theKokemäenjoki river.UCPori operates in a renovatedtextile mill (originally PorinPuuvilla, Pori Cotton, laterFinlayson). It was built during1898-1900 and burned partly togrounds year 1981.The building was renovated foruniversity purposes in 1999.
  4. 4. What is University Consortium?University Consortium means a centre of consolidated university activities on the same area,where universities cooperate under common umbrella organisation. The mother universitieshave the responsibility of operations and one of those has the responsibility of coordinationof activities.The goal is to achieve synergy advantages by cooperation (administration, students, influenceson the region) and to strengthen the university activities and influences. (Ministry ofEducation 2003)Consortium Coordination InvolvedLahti University of Helsinki 3 other universitiesMikkeli University of Helsinki 3 other universitiesKokkola University of Jyväskylä 2 other universitiesSeinäjoki University ofTampere 4 other universitiesKajaani University of Oulu 4 other universitiesPori Tampere University ofTechnology 3 other universities
  5. 5. OrganisationAalto UniversityTampere Universityof TechnologyCoordinating universityUniversityofTampere University ofTurkuAalto UniversityDepartment of ArtPori UnitTampere Universityof TechnologyPori DepartmentUniversity ofTampereThe Unit of PoriUniversity of TurkuThe Units of Pori- School of Economics- Cultural Production andLandscape Studies- Maritime Research- Medical StudiesBoard of RectorsManagement of UCPori | Group of ExecutivesSupport Services Service Centre Prizzpoint | Student Services Pointer | LibraryTUTEducation | Research | Administration | Communication
  6. 6. University units and studentsPori DepartmentDegree students 463 (29 %)Degree Program of CulturalProduction and Landscape StudiesDegree students 291 ( 18 %)Centre for Maritime StudiesShortsea Promotion Centre (SPC Finland)Faculty of MedicineMedical Education / Clinic Studies –Teaching Health CenterUNIVERSITY OFTAMPEREFaculty of Social SciencesThe Unit of PoriDegree students 181 (11 %)School of Arts, Design andArchitectureDepartment of Art, Pori UnitDegree students 108 (7 %)Turku School of Economics, Pori UnitDegree students 553 (35 %)
  7. 7. UCPori key figures• Personnel 181– 21 Professors– 52 Doctors– 45 Researchers• 3800 students; 1600 degreestudents, of whom– 1460 master’s degree students– 140 post-graduate students• Yearly ca. 1700 applicants– 300 new degree students, of whom– 100 secondary school graduates
  8. 8. UCPori key figures• Of students– 54% come from Satakunta region– 65% stay in Satakunta region• Graduated students– 1700 Master’s degrees– 80 Doctors and Licentiates– 190 alumnis• The graduate students wellemployed
  9. 9. Financing 201250,66%20,15%14,26%0,93%3,52%4,57%5,90%Ministry of Education and CultureStructual FundsThe City of PoriFed. of MunicipalitiesCompeted research fundingPrivateOther14,5million €
  10. 10. Strategic objectives• To increase thestandard of educationand to boost the levelof know-how• To support region’sdevelopment andinternationalization• To support academicentrepreneurship
  11. 11. Multidisciplinary, fast-moving,network-like action• Interaction– Established interest groupcollaboration– Exploitation of research knowledgewidely and systematicly• Education– Multidisciplinary, cross-stydying– Undergraduate and postgraduatedegree programmes– Adult education• Research– Multidisciplinary and internationalresearch projects– High quality publishing
  12. 12. Multidisciplinary UCPori• Common research themes– Interaction between People andEnvironment– Technology-Based Services andUser-Centred Design– Welfare Research– Management, Safety andOrganisational Culture• Common Master Programmes• Cross-studying• Entrepreneurship studies• Management education– JOKO since 1983– 5th MBA starting in September 2013
  13. 13. UCPori as part of the community
  14. 14. UCPori communicates
  15. 15. Premises 10 600 m2• Classes 3000 m2 (3 auditoriums,26 classrooms and laboratories)• Work rooms 3600 m2 (161 rooms)• Library 500 m2• Public and social facilities 2700 m2• Technical and store rooms 500 m2• Education Health Care Centre 550 m2
  16. 16. University Units
  17. 17. Aalto University, School of Arts, Designand Architecture, Dep. of Art, Pori Unit• In Pori since 2002, Master of Artseducation since 2004• Master programme inVisual Culture• 108 degree students• 73 graduate students• On-going research projects e.g.– Figures ofTouch– EU KidsOnline III– Artists andTourists:Creative PlaceMakers? A Study of Rural Regeneration inIreland,Wales and Finland
  18. 18. Tampere University ofTechnology,Pori Department• In Pori since 1983, Master of Science inTechnology education since 1987• Major subjects– information technology and electronics– industrial engineering and management• 463 degree students• 1062 graduate students, 43 doctors• Continuing Education Centre Edupointprovides research and developmentservices in business and technology• On-going research projects e.g.– ISSM Intelligent Systems for Security– ProTurva – Developing Safety Culture– GaLA – Games and LearningAlliance– ALKU – From Sub-Contractor to
  19. 19. University ofTampere,The Department of Pori• Bachelor/ Master of Science education insocial sciences since 2004• Major subjects:– SocialWork– Social Policy– Sociology• Master Programmes• Organizing of Welfare Services• Work life and wellfare• 181 degree students• 86 graduate students, 1 doctor• Research projects e.g.– Insecurity in the ChangingWorklife– Organizational Culture and Atmosphere inSocialWork– Non-violent Satakunta , project
  20. 20. University ofTurku,School of Economics, Pori unit• In Pori since 1984, Bachelor/Master ofScience in Economics and BusinessAdministration education since 1997• Major subjects– Accounting and Finance– Marketing– Management andOrganisation• Master Programmes• Business Skills inWelfare Services• Business Skills in Expert Services (2014-)• 553 degree students• 355 graduate students, 8 doctors• On-going research projects e.g.– SATA – Regional Studies and Statistics– HITTI – Innovative Management andDevelopment ofWelfare
  21. 21. University ofTurku, Degree Program ofCultural Production and Landscape Studies• Bachelor/Master of Arts education since2001• Major subjects– DigitalCulture– Cultural Heritage Studies– Landscape Studies• 291 degree students• 106 graduate students, 4 doctors• On-going research projects e.g.– Creation of Game Cultures:The Case of Finland– DEVEPARK - Sustainable historic parkmanagement and development in Finlandand Estonia– Nature Craft Satakunta – Development ofCreative
  22. 22. University ofTurku,Centre for Maritime Studies• Since 1999• Specialized in environmental issues ofshipping and ports and shortsea shipping• Research and development projectsfocused on shipping, transport and portsin Satakunta region• The national Shortsea Promotion CentreFinland operates at the CMS Pori Unit,promoting waterborne and intermodaltransport in Europe• On-going projects e.g.– NANNUT – Nature and Nurture of theNorthern Baltic Sea– Shipping-induced NOx and SOx emissions– Operational monitoring