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Leverage Connection to Lead


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Learn the key to influence negotiations, generate higher sales and make better investments. Michelle Beauchamp, Founder of The Champ Group, will present the best techniques to influence in all spheres of business. Participants will learn the critical elements of communication, how to break down barriers and overcome challenges to successfully connect to build relationships.

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Leverage Connection to Lead

  1. 1. • 1:1 Consulting • Personalized • Business start, development & growth • Help businesses get “investor-ready” • High-tech, high-growth, scalable • Life Science & Technology Sectors • UCI Resources • No Cost SBDC - Small Business Development Center A Resource for Ventures from Idea to Exit
  2. 2. SBDC Services and Expertise • General Business Consulting • Funding/Pitching • Term Sheets • Equity & Debt Funding • SBIR/STTR • Technology Commercialization • Sales & Marketing Strategy • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Assistance • Hiring and Staffing
  3. 3. Start Grow Finance your business
  4. 4. Located next to “The Beach” @ the Cove
  5. 5. Leverage Connections to Lead & Influence in Business Created for UCI Beall Applied Innovation Presented by Michelle Beauchamp September 6, 2019
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. Overview What connectors do How great leaders lead Identify leadership levels 8
  8. 8. What Connectors do • Establish common ground • Create an enjoyable experience • Inspire • Demonstrate authenticity
  9. 9. What Connectors do Time to Connect Discuss/Share 10 How have you and team understood you:  Were on common ground  Shared a fun experience  Were inspired  Recognized authenticity
  10. 10. How Great Leaders Lead 11 Competence Commitment Speaking Listening Invest in others Invest in self Share vision Ask for goals
  11. 11. Great Leaders Communicate Body Language - posture, eye contact Tonality - volume, tempo Words - content 55 % 38 % 7% Tonality Words Body Language 12 You get one chance to make a first impression by Mary Kay Ash
  12. 12. Great Leaders Ask Great Questions What do you care about? (in all aspects of life) What excites you? What scares you? What makes you sing and dance? How can I help you to make your life simpler? F-O-R-M
  13. 13. Great Leaders Listen
  14. 14. Receptive Listening Empathetic Listening Responsive Listening Selective Listening Attentive Listening Removed Listening Ignoring Pretend Listening 5 Levels of Listening Sources: Mark Goulston, author of Just Listen; Don R. Crawley, author of The Compassionate Geek; John Maxwell, author of Becoming a Person of Influence
  15. 15. Great Leaders Establish Trust “Trust is the one thing that changes everything in business and in life” Marcus Buckingham “Trust is the very basis of the global economy” Stephen Covey
  16. 16. Great Connectors & Leaders Establish Trust Do they _______ for me? Can they ________ me? Can I ________ them? • Reflect/Share-one of best experiences you’ve had where these traits were demonstrated • Which can you/will you develop? Why? 17
  17. 17. Connectors Leverage Relationships to Lead & Influence Position Permission Production People Development Pinnacle Respect people follow because of who you are and what you represent Pinnacle Level In all environments: Sales, Negotiation, Leading peers, boss, team members…
  18. 18. Leverage Connections to Lead & Influence in Business Created for UCI Beall Applied Innovation Presented by Michelle Beauchamp September 6, 2019 What Connectors Do: Common ground, inspire, fun How Great Leaders Lead: • Communications • Listening • Ask Questions • Show we care Strive for the Pinnacle Leadership Level
  19. 19. Thank you Q & A
  20. 20. Would love to hear from you • Mastermind Groups • In-house onsite training • Personality/Leadership Assessments: • Online Academy • • • 949.713.3622 21