#UNTAdv14 Making Advising Personal through Skype


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Making Advising Personal through Skype by Melissa Nabors
2014 UNT Advising Conference #UNTAdv14
May 22, 2014
Collin College - Preston Ridge Campus

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#UNTAdv14 Making Advising Personal through Skype

  1. 1. Making Advising Personal through Skype Presented by: Melissa Nabors, Academic Advisor May 22, 2014 UCAN Conference
  2. 2. Advising at the Neeley School in ‘13  1943 Majors (1812 in 2012)  806 Minors  First Year Class has grown from 565 in 2012 to 633 in 2013  4 Professional Advisors  Dedicated Advising Center : The Neeley Academic Advising Center (NAAC)
  3. 3. • Personal – At Neeley, we focus on personalized educational experiences that help you develop and succeed. • Connected – Students develop strong connections & build relationships with business leaders, faculty and peers. • Real – Neeley delivers a nationally recognized business education by combining innovative learning environments and real-world experiences. Neeley strives to be
  4. 4. Advsing Problem  Increasing number of incoming First year students  Increased number of Change of Major students  Increased number of Transfer students
  5. 5. Solution = Skype Advising
  6. 6. What is Skype Advising ? Skype is an online communication system that can connect you to your academic advisor in a unique way. By utilizing Skype, you can be anywhere and be able to contact your academic advisor for a “face to face” personalized advising session in with the assistance of your computer!
  7. 7. Advising via Skype Advising Theory & Pedagogy Advising Trends in Higher Education The Future of Technology & Advising
  8. 8. Skype and FERPA Is Skype FERPA compliant? 1. Skype Environment 2. Skype Advising Structure 3. Parents and Skype
  9. 9. Setting up Skype at Neeley Examine Needs of Advising Office 1. Technology & Equipment Needed 2. Advising Process & Structure 3. Marketing of Program to Students 4. Training Program for Advisors
  10. 10. How Neeley Advisors Use Skype Utilized during Summer Advising Season During Orientation Change of Major Students International Students Students NOT local that need advising
  11. 11. How Neeley Advisors Use Skype Utilized during academic year Students studying abroad (year round) During holiday breaks for students that need additional advising help International Students
  12. 12. Using Skype with Advisees Skype Advising Process 1. Offer Skype of appointments to students during the summer season 2. Provide a clear guide to students prior to Advising Session 3. Appointment Reminder for student with photos to lessen anxiety about session 4. Provide Business “Skype” Etiquette expectations to our business students
  13. 13. How did Neeley Do It? Spring 2012 Assessment of Needs Technology Purchase Learning Outcomes Established Training Documents and Sessions Student Friendly Documents Customized Approach for Advisee Group
  14. 14. Getting Started with Skype Types of Documents Training Guide Student Guide Appointment Reminders
  15. 15. Student Guide forSkype Skype FAQs   Can I use Skype on phone? Yes, you can utilize Skype on your phone to speak with an advisor if needed. Ideally, it  is easier to work  with an advisor from a computer as the advisor will be able to share documents with you  live and in  real time.   How do I know my advisor’s Skype name? Once you have made a Skype Advising Appointment with your advisor, he or she will  send you an  Instruction & Expectation guide that will include their Skype name and other helpful  instructions for the appointment   
  16. 16. Business Etiquette forSkype Remember you are going to be live on video. Make sure you are in a space  that is quiet where you can concentrate, there isn’t a lot of background noise,  and that will provide you access to your computer, etc. A restaurant, the library,  or a bookstore may not be the best environment to call in. Mobile devices utilizing Skype are popular, but consider calling in via  computer and webcam.  This is a professional call. This is not a communication with your family or  best friend. Make sure to treat this just as you would an in person appointment  coming into the office. Be prepared for the conversation.  Do not use text speak when instant messaging.
  17. 17. Skype Sucesses Change of Major students are more knowledgeable about Neeley Requirements Transfer students are more knowledgeable about Neeley Requirements and have 1:1 advising to acclimate to TCU “systems” prior to Transfer Orientation Advising load for Advisors are more manageable
  18. 18. Future Goals Utilize technology more with individual advising appointments for perspective students that are NOT able to come to TCU Market Skype availability to transfer students through admissions Have “Skype” sessions for non-traditional students as a group advising model addition
  19. 19. Questions ?????