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UNT Transfer Center Presentation #UNTAdv12


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The Trials and Tribulations of Transfers: What We Know and What We Can Offer

UNT Advising Conference 2012

Presented by Melissa McGuire, UNT Transfer Center

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UNT Transfer Center Presentation #UNTAdv12

  2. 2. WHEN WE KNOW STUDENTS ARE SUCCESSFUL• Research indicates that when a student feel connected to their campus, either socially or academically, they are more likely to be successful and retained (Tinto)• It also indicates that when a student is involved, they are more likely to be satisfied with their experience (Astin)• Favorite quote that I read to all incoming students:
  3. 3. “A college is not defined solely by its buildings, faculty, students, or athletic teams. A college, in many ways, is an ideal, defined by the people who come together in the interest and pursuit of knowledge. Colleges are places wheremen and women from all walks of life discuss and debate issues, consider new thoughts, and challenge old ideas. It is a place to learn about your course of study, yourself, and your peers . . . Whether this ideal is realized, however, is up to you. For many students, a college is nothing more than a way station where they obtain the next set of credentials for their life journey. For others, however, college is a place wherepersonal, emotional, cultural, intellectual growth and freedom are found. You have the choice of how you want to realize your college experience.” Achieving Personal and Academic Success, 1999
  4. 4. WHEN WE KNOW STUDENTS ARE SUCCESSFUL What does this meanfor a transfer student?
  5. 5. TRANSITIONAL ISSUES First Time in College Student Tr a n s f e r S t u d e n t• Learning how to study • Finding a place to connect • Balancing academics, a social life,• Balancing academics, a social life, PT or FT work, dependents, etc. and potentially PT work. • Relearning or learning a NEW• Learning the ropes/processes process.• Getting involved • Getting involved in what they feel are pre-established groups • Transfer credits • Course availability We know transfer students are struggling with these transition issues.
  6. 6. RETENTION• 2010-2011 UNT Transfer Retention Rate: 75.32%, compared to 78.49% for freshmen.• Areas of consideration: • African American students represent the lowest retention rate at 66.83%; AA females at 68.44% and AA males at 64.42% • While male figure is not uncharacteristic, females statistic is. • Last school attended: • Community College: 76.5% • Other University: 72.69%
  7. 7. WHAT THE UNT TRANSFER CENTER IS ABOUT The Transfer Center is designed to help transferstudents transition to college life at UNT. Through various programs, mentoring and one-on-one meetings, we strive to provide students with assistance in connecting to campus resources to ensure a successful transition to our community.
  8. 8. WHAT WE DO• Host programs designed specifically for transfer students that provide information and socializing opportunities • Transfer students have told us they want more opportunities to network, socialize, and hear about career opportunities.• Meet one-on-one with students to discuss the progress of their transition• Answer questions from new and prospective students• Assist students in getting the information and resources they need• Provide mentoring
  9. 9. • Help students and their families understand the transfer process• Provide networking opportunities• Support students in their transition
  10. 10. • Our Transfer Orientation programs are required of all new undergraduate students and are designed to help students and their families become acclimated to the university. We have 3 program offerings for transfer orientation.• Our Transfer Ambassadors are current transfer students here to help transfer students adjust to life at UNT and to help them learn more about campus resources and the UNT community!
  11. 11. • Transfer Talkbacks: discussions designed for current transfer students to provide feedback on programs, academics and campus issues facing them. This feedback helps the Transfer Center better address the needs of transfer students.• Student lounge is available in our office for students to hang out between classes, study, or get help from Transfer Ambassadors.
  12. 12. • Our Transfer Wing in Housing provides transfer students the opportunity to live with and near students going through a similar transition. Programs and a staff peer mentor are provided for the wing.• Community College Visits: Beginning fall 2011 Transfer Ambassadors were able to partner with Admissions to attend many of their community college visits in the DFW area and provide prospective students with the student perspective.
  13. 13. • In our office, lockers are available for transfer students who may need a place to store textbooks, lunch/dinner, or other supplies while in class. These lockers are especially helpful for commuters.
  14. 14. O:: University Union, Suite 320P:: 940-369-7287E:: transfer@unt.eduW::