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Career Pathway Quick Reference Guide


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UNT Advising Conference 2012
May 16, 2012 #UNTAdv12

Published in: Education
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Career Pathway Quick Reference Guide

  1. 1. CAREER PATHWAYS QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE DCCCD What are Career Pathways? CAREER PATHWAY ADVISORS Brookhaven College: Ngoc Truong 972-860-4182 Career Pathways are articulated agreements between area Cedar Valley College: Ruben Johnson 972-860-8161 Independent School Districts and DCCCD for the purpose to accrue college credit for Career and Technical Education Eastfield College: Dr. Sue Byrd 972-860-7671 courses while in high school. College credit will be awarded to El Centro College: Verna James 972-860-2419 students upon completing all criteria as stated in agreements. Mountain View College: Liliana Ponce 214-860-3619 Each articulation agreement is associated with an A.A.S. North Lake College: Linda Washington 972-273-3208 program and contains 2 or more courses in a sequence. Richland College: Lisa Graef 972-238-6190 District Office: Christa Jones 214-378-1762 How does it work? Students: 1. Talk to their counselor to learn about Career Pathway programs at their high school. 2. Complete the recommended classes in their chosen Career Pathway program with a B or better. 3. Enroll in a Dallas County Community College within 12 months after high school graduation. 4. Bring their high school transcript to the Career Pathway advisor at the college campus to request their credits.Christa Jones, DCCCD | 1601 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215 | phone 214.378.1762 | fax 214.378.1750
  2. 2. QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE CAREER PATHWAYS DCCCD COURSE ABBREVIATIONS ON HS TRANSCRIPT ACCOUNT1 GRAPHDI ADV WLDNG HLTHSCI Identifying courses on HS transcripts ADVARCH HOTELMGT ADVAUTOT IBTACS1 To the left you see a list of possible abbreviations on a ADVCOLLIS INPREDTR high school transcript. There may be other ADVCOMPP INTNET1 abbreviations depending on the ISD. ADVELECT INTNET2 Articulated courses should show an “A” next to the ADVENGDP MKTGDYN course. Look for those abbreviations in the section ADVGRADI MONEYM “Career Tech Education”, “CTE”, “Technical ADVPRIMT PATHO Applications” or similar rubric headers. APTACS1 PRACBM2 ARCHDSN PRACEDTR AUTOTECH PRACHUS    BANKFIN PRACMKTG Some ISDs may not use any rubrics or section  BUSIM1 PRIMTECH headers but you will see the abbreviation “CT”  BUSIM2 PRINHLSC indicating Career/Tech courses.   CHILDEV PRINHOSP CHILDGUI PRINIT COLLISRR PROB1 COMPMTN PROB2 Helpful Link COMPPROG RESITSOL COMPTCH RETAILE COMPTMTN SPORTSEM 28587 CULARTS TACS1 This binder contains: DIMEDIA TELECOMN - Complete Articulation Agreements per ELECTRO TRTORMGT each ISD - Credit Request Form (Student ENGDSNPR TSDATAE Resources tab) ENTREP WEBTECH - Printable Program Newsletters with QR FLEXMANU WLDNG codes - Links for Career research GLOBBUS - And much moreChrista Jones, DCCCD | 1601 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215 | phone 214.378.1762 | fax 214.378.1750