Advisors Council Minutes 01-19-11


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Advisors Council Meeting Minutes 01-19-11

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Advisors Council Minutes 01-19-11

  1. 1. Advising Council Meeting Minutes<br />2p, WE, Jan 19, 2011<br /> rm 409 Union<br />1. Finalize Plan B schedule – any comments go to Melissa McGuire. Please review the Guidebook. If you’re going to finish early let Melissa know so arrangements can be made and we won’t lose students.<br />2. Orientation open registration opens February 1st. Groups have approved the schedule. Start scheduling rooms - work with the registrar. Talk to Melissa if you cannot find rooms.<br />3. The registrar sends letters of Alert/Probation and Suspension to students when grades are posted.<br />4. Next summer – students attending summer school will need the Dean’s approval. (Not a waiver) There will be a service indicator on their account. If the dean gives criteria, the counselor or advisors can remove the service indicator blocks.<br />5. Financial Aid – Currently financial aid during the summer was a “free term,” but in September, 2012 it changes so that it will NOT be a free term. <br />6. Below is an example of a discipline suspension service indicator. Advisors cannot see the reason why the student has a service indicator.<br />7. The funding model hasn’t changed yet and we’re unsure what changes will be made or when.<br />8. UNT GPA vs. Overall GPA - We can only verify work done at UNT. The interactive audit does have the overall GPA students can look at.<br />9. Navigating the website – There was discussion on how difficult it is to find information on the web site. Some suggestions were: notices on the front pages of the portal, large/BOLD information window for SFA blocks or any other blocks, big red flags, etc. If you have any ideas, please share with Lynn McCreary. Lillian will look into if they can get more info on the error box that shows now for Financial Aid.<br />10. Committee requested some type of Error Message when trying to drop after the 4th class day. What has been found is that when students think they dropped a class, they really didn’t. The message is very small. They would prefer something large that has “SEE YOUR ADVISOR” or “PROCESS FAILED”. Another problem is when they drop the class, they’re still on blackboard. <br />11. UNT will be getting a new version of Blackboard next fall (hopefully). <br />12. Waitlist Function – if interested, let Lynn McCleary know.<br />13. Online catalog- general conversation integrating it with PeopleSoft. It does not link the catalog and EIS to register at this time. Lynn Bissett to come to a future meeting to discuss the On-Line Catalog.<br />Updates:<br />Mike McKay - Sent for review cost analysis for advising software. Contacted some vendors to start seeing what is available. Business analysis reviewing Imaging Systems – list of Master Document is finished. They are reviewing what documents we can access from the registrar’s office.<br />Julie Kirkland – Guidebook Meetings are scheduled and the group has started work on revising the Guidebook.<br />Mellissa McGuire - Parent Orientation - after the student orientation gets settled, they’ll start work on the parent orientation<br />Future Item to discuss :<br />International students showing up on the 1st day of class. It depends on the department to decide if they can register for classes. (During late registration they have to get looked at one on one.)<br />Gloria Cox – Honors College. UNT plans to double enrollment in Honors College.<br />Parent orientation discussion<br />CORE discussion- Math requirements <br />Jim Conover possibly chair of Oversight committee<br />Advisors clearance forms - registrar to work on.<br />Developmental Education Update<br />John Hipple- FYI Revamped intake system without a counselor and hopefully the new system will allow the counselor to meet with every student. Dedicated time not on call possibly will get another staff position.<br />