2012 UNT Advising Conference Keynote Presentation #UNTAdv12


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UNT Advising Conference 2012
May 16, 2012
Opening Keynote Presentation
Karen Archambault, Ed.D.

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2012 UNT Advising Conference Keynote Presentation #UNTAdv12

  1. 1. Creating Campus Cultures thatSupport Transfer Student Success: The Advisors Role on Campus Karen L. Archambault, Ed. D. karchambault@brookdalecc.edu @kl_archambault
  2. 2. Why me?Current Chair NACADAs Advising Transfer StudentCommission13 years working with transfer students, sending andreceivingResearch in and passion for the experience of transferstudents
  3. 3. Why are conversations about transfer so hard to have? Occidental College Failure???
  4. 4. How do institutions see transfer students?
  5. 5. Do institutions HAVE to care?
  6. 6. Why should we care about transfer? Institutional Reputation This years college transfers = next years alumni donors
  7. 7. Changing landscape NationalIncreasing Pressurecosts ReverseDemographic Transfer &shifts Swirling
  8. 8. Texas and the Nation
  9. 9. Balancing the scales Career Development
  10. 10. What to do?"Our Jobs"
  11. 11. Traditional ways of thinking about advising & transfer Articulation Transfer shock
  12. 12. Preparing our studentsThe role of the facultyBeyond credits to "fit“Teaching our students to fish
  13. 13. Transfer as Transition
  14. 14. Welcoming New Students
  15. 15. Re-evaluating ourselvesReview policies: Admissions, Financial Aid, RegistratioReconsider our practices: Housing, Orientation, Student Life
  16. 16. Institutional Integration
  17. 17. Shared responsibilities Advocacy Partnership