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Uc3 ucacc-2015-11-16


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Supporting research data management at the University of California

Published in: Education
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Uc3 ucacc-2015-11-16

  1. 1. Stephen Abrams UCACC, November 16, 2015 UC Curation Center California Digital Library University of California @uc3cdl Supporting Research Data Management at the University of California © 2015 University of California
  2. 2. Research data management Justification university of california Funder mandates Pre-publication requirements Institutional policies Evolving norms of scholarly practice Benefits Increase the reach and consequence of scholarship Encourage synergistic research Avoid needless duplication of effort Ensure the integrity of the academic enterprise Providing the UC community with innovative curation solutions supporting its research, teaching, and learning activities UC3
  3. 3. Research data management What makes scholarly information well curated? rubric First, an appropriate plan Custodial stewardship Pro-active management Meaningful description Public visibility Ease of (re)use Measurement of impact © 2015 University of California , encompassing …
  4. 4. DMPTool Create, review, and share data management plans planning Templates for 30 public and private funders Integrated with campus InCommon/Shibboleth IdPs Campus-customized links to helpful guidance, local and disciplinary services, and examples Opportunity for institutional review Work underway to integrate with Center for Open Science’s Open Science Framework
  5. 5. DMPTool Supported funder templates planning  Dept. Education  DOE  DOE Office of Science  Generic DCC  GoMRI Research Consortium  IMLS Digital Content  IMLS New Software Tools  IMLS Research Data  Joint Fire Safety Program  Moore Foundation  NEH ODH  NIH  NIH GDS  NOAA  NSF  NSF AGS  NSF AST  NSF BCO-DMO  NSF BIO  NSF CHE  NSF CISE  NSF DMR  NSF EAR  NSF HER  NSF ENG  NSF PHY  NSF SBE  Sloan Foundation  USDA NIFA  USGS
  6. 6. Dash Self-service data curation portal optimized for use by individual scholars data sharing made easy Intuitive UI/UX Drag-and-drop upload DOI assignment Pro-active UC3 management Replication to UCLA and UCSD/SDSC private clouds Faceted search and browse Campus-specific branding and URLs
  7. 7. Dash Campus adoption data sharing made easy Berkeley Irvine Merced Riverside (in progress) San Francisco Santa Cruz
  8. 8. Dash Operated on a partial cost-recovery basis sustainability Price for the UC community is $0.65/GB/year A UC-wide open data initiative could provide 10 GB of Dash service to every faculty member, research staff, and doctoral student for $194,506/year ($6.50 per participant) Campus Faculty Staff Doctoral TB Cost Berkeley 1,280 1,581 2,352 52.1 $ 33,885 Davis 1,274 1,721 1,259 42.5 $ 27,651 Irvine 1,081 715 967 27.7 $ 18,005 Los Angeles 1,703 1,253 1,720 46.7 $ 30,394 Merced 197 66 109 3.7 $ 2,418 Riverside 597 350 703 16.5 $ 10,725 San Diego 1,147 1,492 1,042 36.81 $ 23,927 San Francisco 372 1,583 357 23.1 $ 15,028 Santa Barbara 750 509 1,971 32.3 $ 20,995 Santa Cruz 494 290 982 16.7 $ 11,479 8,902 9,560 11,462 299.3 $194,506
  9. 9. ONEShare and DataONE Open data repository of “last resort” data observation network for earth Open data contribution for those without other institutional or disciplinary options Aggregation of descriptive metadata for discovery via DataONE’s ONEMercury interface Hosted by the University of New Mexico; subsidized by UNM and DataONE
  10. 10. Making data count Metrics and altmetrics for research data measurement Platform for data level metrics (DLM) aggregating usage data, citations, and social references NSF-funded project in collaboration with PLOS and DataONE Complementary to CrossRef’s DOI event tracker (DET) initiative
  11. 11. Collaboration and participation Strong ties to the international research data management and curation communities community Founding partner of the DataONE network and DataCite consortium Partner in the UC Berkeley RDM initiative ORCID member Leadership position with COUNTER and CrossRef Strong participation in the Digital Preservation Network (DPN), International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA), and Research Data Alliance (RDA) © 2015 University of California
  12. 12. Data Pub Blog about all things data learn more Posts by UC3 staff and guest authors from across UC and the wider research community New contributors always welcome!
  13. 13. Supporting research data management at UC Opportunities summary Challenges Data management is now an integral part of scholarly activities Greater efficiency and transparency Complementing local activities with centralized or coordinated initiatives Extending the precedent set by the open access policy UC maintaining control of its own research outputs  Raising awareness  Rapidly evolving landscape  New obligations require new solutions  Integrating RDM best practices into scholarly workflows with minimal intrusion  How much data is out there?  Reliable long-term funding
  14. 14. UC Curation Center supporting research data management at UC @uc3cdl How can UC3 better address your needs? © 2015 University of California Please let us know