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Dash: data sharing made easy


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To facilitate data sharing from within the University of California system and beyond, the University of California Curation Center (UC3) is developing a new ingest and discovery layer for our data curation service, Dash. Dash uses the Merritt repository for preservation and a self-service overlay layer for submission and discovery of research datasets. The new overlay– dubbed Stash (STore And SHare)– will feature an enhanced user interface with a simple and intuitive deposit workflow, while still accommodating rich metadata. Stash will enable individual scholars to upload data through local file browse or drag-and-drop operation; describe data in terms of scientifically-meaning metadata, including methods, references, and geospatial information; identify datasets for persistent citation and retrieval; preserve and share data in an appropriate repository; and discover, retrieve, and reuse data through faceted search and browse. Stash can be implemented in conjunction with any standards-compliant repository that supports the SWORD protocol for deposit and the OAI-PMH protocol for metadata harvesting. Stash will feature native support for the DataCite or Dublin Core metadata schemas, but is designed to accommodate other schemas to support discipline-specific applications. By alleviating many of the barriers that have historically precluded wider adoption of open data principles, Stash empowers individual scholars to assert active curation control over their research outputs; encourages more widespread data preservation, publication, sharing, and reuse; and promotes open scholarly inquiry and advancement.

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Dash: data sharing made easy

  1. 1. Repository-agnostic data curation Dash is a user-friendly data deposit and discovery platform in development by the UC Curation Center. John E. Kratz  0000-0002-9610-5370 @john_kratz Stephen Abrams Shirin Faenza Scott Fisher Nancy Hoebelheinrich Marisa Strong Bhavitavya Vedula Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, award #58062. Easy • self-deposit via straightforward, familiar publishing workflow • sign in with institutional credentials; no account to create or maintain • automates data packaging and submission Flexible • works with any underlying repository using standard protocols • pluggable architecture for additional protocols and metadata schemas • deploy with single or multi- tenancy Interested in deploying or contributing to Dash? Contact us: Learn more: STASH PLATFORM DASH WEB PORTAL SHARE HARVEST UNDERLYING REPOSITORY OAI-PMH Solr indexFundRef EZID ORCID Shibboleth OAuth – or – DataCite Authentication Disambiguation STORE Plug-in API SWORD DataCite metadata Plug-in API EXTERNAL SERVICES Integration with wider research data management ecosystem minimal required metadata DATA any data or file type upload via drag and drop or system browser DATA  | Ruby on Rails application data paper generated from metadata all versions of the data Descriptive metadata indexed for discovery using Blacklight/ GeoBlacklight # TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION FEATURES usage metrics including download and views Pluggable protocol modules encapsulated as Ruby engines for flexible deployment, (re)configuration, and extension. Deposit via SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit ) standard protocol rich optional description. including methods, usage notes, funding, and geospatial information DOI assignment Datasets provided with scientifically- meaningful description using the DataCite metadata schema. Metadata harvest via OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) standard protocol embargo support for delayed publication any standards-compliant repository