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A warm hug at the door that opens many more


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What you do to welcome new people in the first few weeks and months has a major impact on whether or not your people deliver results. In this session I propose the exploration of how we have adapted what we do in new joiner Induction to be as close to a loving embrace as is virtually possible without turning an introvert's stomach.

By Claire Kemp

Published in: Career
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A warm hug at the door that opens many more

  1. 1. A warm hug at the door that opens more … Claire Kemp Gardener @clairekmp #AHugAtTheDoor
  2. 2. Your new hire
  3. 3. CV
  4. 4. Get to know your newbie Collaborative Recruitment Throw a pre-join party Invite everyone
  5. 5. Show what you stand for
  6. 6. Explain how you work
  7. 7. Set goals Autonomy Community Dreams
  8. 8. Communicate Empowering me with choice Allowing me to Fail fast Assigning me with a wingman and celebrating my arrival The Open Door My New Job Thank you for xxx
  9. 9. Score an early win
  10. 10. 3 Keys to Successful on-boarding IT’S SOMEBODY’S JOB CONSIDER CHANGE UPDATE OFTEN
  11. 11. Thank you Questions?