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Before your immortality!


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Barmak Heshmat, Postdoctorate Associate, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT), Media Lab

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Before your immortality!

  1. 1. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab MIT Media Lab For information on detailed contributors see Dr. Barmak Heshmat and Prof. Ramesh Raskar Before Your Immortality! A journey to diagnostics of the future
  2. 2. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab The idea of elixir of life has been around for thousands of years but let’s face it we are going to die!
  3. 3. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Increasing average life span • Physics of body (Repair and preserve) – Mental balance – Physical exercise – Food • (Chemistry)  Sensors – Diagnostics • (Physics, Chemistry, Statistics) Sensors and Computers – Treatment
  4. 4. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Now why now?! Electronics starting to become portable Optics starting to become portable 1) Optics is now starting to become cheaper and more portable through new miniaturization techniques. (Nanomaterials, nanoplasmonics, etc.) 2) 3D printing and quicker and cheaper prototyping What are the recent discoveries that can help us toward healthier, longer lifespan? Wave of spectrometers, sensors, and add-ons
  5. 5. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Wave of spectrometers • They were all there in the lab but now they are entering consumer market! – Optical absorption  diagnostic – Raman  food analysis – THz  skin, cosmetics, breath Ramesh Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab
  6. 6. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Example • Just like super computers we still need the accurate lab spectrometers but portable versions can be used limited applications. • Raman spectrometer from lab to the key chain! Tellspec DeltaNu® ReporteR™ Smiths Detection RespondeR™ RCI Microphazir™ Horiba T64000 ?
  7. 7. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab …THz 400THzFrequency(Hz) 800THz Unique spectroscopy capabilities Study of THz dynamics Faster communication Imaging and inspection
  8. 8. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Our ultimate dream was! Last 10 years in our lab 2012 in our lab Future, in our hand The miniaturization process
  9. 9. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab It’s real!
  10. 10. Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Wave of add-ons Literally everywhere! Ramesh Raskar, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab The Sanofi iBGStar Wello ihealth pulse oximeterWahoo heart rate strap ihealth Polar FT60 fitness watch Zensorium
  11. 11. Looking Around Corners Hardware App StoreTrillion FPS Eye Tests
  12. 12. Eye .. Window to Health
  13. 13. Slit Lamp for Cataracts
  14. 14. 14 Slit Lamp Exam Retinal Scan Retinal Scan
  15. 15. Phoropter
  16. 16. Pamplona, Mohan, Oliveira, Raskar SIGGRAPH 2010 eyeNETRA: Glasses and Cataract
  17. 17. Shack-Hartmann WS Wavefront aberrometer Refraction Map using Wavefront Sensor
  18. 18. 300+ DPI LCDs
  19. 19. NETRA = Inverse of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor User interactively creates the Spot Diagram Spot Diagram on LCD 1. Displace 25 spots with smart UI CellPhone LCD EyePiece 2. Displace spots till single dot perceived
  20. 20. Diabetic Retinopathy
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Lawson, Roesch, Canham, Ben-Ezra, Raskar 2013 Credits: Wired UK
  23. 23. Eye .. Window to CURRENT Health
  24. 24. Diabetes Syphilis Grave’s disease Sjogren Marfan’s Syndrome Sickle Cell Disease Toxoplasmosis Coagulation Disorder Tuberculosis Systemic Conditions – Lagging Indicators
  25. 25. Direct Access: Vessels, Nerve FL Body changes slowly Co-located vascular + neurological Involuntary, fine detail Eye .. a Predictor?
  26. 26. 1964
  27. 27. Milli Micro Nano Pico Femto Atto
  28. 28. Bullet of Light 1,000,000 x Faster Milli Micro Nano Pico Femto Atto
  29. 29. Light in Slow Motion .. 10 Billion x Slow
  30. 30. Light in Slow Motion ..
  31. 31. Andreas Velten, Di Wu, Christopher Barsi, Everett Lawson
  32. 32. Raw Data
  33. 33. Can you see around corners ?
  34. 34. 2nd Bounce 1st Bounce 3rd Bounce
  35. 35. Femto-Camera Wall Door Hidden Mannequin Velten et al, Nature Communications 2012
  36. 36. Avoiding Collisions Andreas Velten, Thomas Willwacher, Otkrist Gupta, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Moungi Bawendi, Ramesh Raskar, Nature Communications 2012
  37. 37. …, rescue operations, … Rohit Pandharkar, Velten, Bardagjy, Lawson, Bawendi, Raskar, CVPR 2011
  38. 38. …, cardioscopies, …
  39. 39. …, colonoscopies, …
  40. 40. Moving on to the miniaturization
  41. 41. Time of flight camera • Cheaper, safer, more compact, but less accurate. R. Raskar, et al., “Coded Time of Flight Cameras: Sparse Deconvolution to Address Multipath Interference and Recover Time Profiles”, SIGGRAPH Asia 2013.
  42. 42. Looking Around Corners Hardware App StoreTrillion FPS http://raskar.infoMIT Media Lab Eye Tests These are amazing advancements and technologies but be careful with the claims; things take time to develop and usually have limited capabilities at the beginning.