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  1. grades
  2. productivity
  3. Less stress
  4. More effective learning
  5. Increased satisfaction
  6. Procrastination (Online)
  7. Time Between Classes
  8. Commuting
  9. Perfectionism
  10. Should do
  11. Isolated, important events next (i.e. exams, papers)
  12. Personal barriers to effective time management.
  13. My energy cycle.
  14. SMART goals and priorities.
  15. Suggestions for a time management plan.

Editor's Notes

  1. Welcome & Introductions First time this workshop has been offered online so please bear with me as we iron out any technical details. I’d also really appreciate any feedback (+ or -) at the end of the session and on any follow-up surveys to help improve this course in the future.Reason we wanted only first names/nicknames for login…Explain there may be slight delay for responding to chat questions/hands up to talk, etc. but will get to you.Any questions before we begin session?
  2. Students compete time management exercise from student hand-out.
  3. Students complete “Personal Time Survey” on student hand-out.