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UAIPD 14-0012


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Published in: Science
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UAIPD 14-0012

  1. 1. UAIPD #14-0012 Dr. Silas Blackstock Redox-Auxiliary Catalysis
  2. 2. Current Problems • Products must be stronger oxidants than the reactant to enable a chain reaction • Reactions must run at high temperatures • RA reactions cannot be triggered electronically
  3. 3. • New approach to electron-transfer catalysis of chemical reactions • Appends a redox unit to a reaction site • Then removes an electron from the redox unit, which triggers a reaction Technology
  4. 4. • Product no longer needs to be a stronger oxidant than the reactant • RA group is very stable and does not decompose in the oxidized form Advantages
  5. 5. • Dr. Silas Blackstock – Professor – More than 50 publications • Departments – Chemistry – Center for Materials Information Technology Inventor
  6. 6. Office for Technology Transfer 720 2nd Ct E Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 UAIPD#14-0012