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UAIPD 14-0005


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Published in: Science
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UAIPD 14-0005

  1. 1. UAIPD# 14-0005 Dr. Fei Hu Smart Spectrum Handoff for Multimedia over CRN
  2. 2. Current Problems • Spectrum handoff is the biggest headache to wireless network companies. – Multimedia applications are challenging due to multiple primary user interruptions and secondary users contentions. • Many networks cannot find a suitable spectrum handoff scheme for multimedia applications in complex radio environment. • Difficulty in finding an accurate queueing model to estimate the possible time of handoff delay.
  3. 3. • Smart-Learning-Based, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) driven, and spectrum handoff scheme for high quality transmission over Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN), which can smartly reuse any spectrum holes anytime, anywhere. • An available channel with the best expected QoE is chosen for the spectrum handoff managing the usage behaviors in CRNs with prioritized multimedia applications. Technology
  4. 4. • Minimum handoff delay is ensured through mixed preemptive and non-preemptive resume priority queueing model. • Maximizes the multimedia end-user satisfactions with the QoS + QoE driven handoff scheme. • Allows the performance of spectrum handoff to optimize in the long term by utilizing the current observed CRN environment state, past experiences, and performance feedback. • More reliable for video transmissions and other uses of multimedia applications. • Prioritized traffic model for handoff delay estimations. Advantages
  5. 5. • Dr. Fei Hu – Associate Professor – More than 200 publications – 2 patent applications • Departments – Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies – Electrical and Computer Engineering Inventor
  6. 6. Office for Technology Transfer 720 2nd Ct E Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 UAIPD 14-0005