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UAIPD 13-0004


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Published in: Science
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UAIPD 13-0004

  1. 1. UAIPD13-0004 “Novel Exfoliation Process for Bismuth Telluride” Dr. Hung-Ta Wang
  2. 2. Current Problems • Thermoelectric generators are used to recover heat from heat engines. – These materials utilize temperature gradient to effectively convert waste heat into electricity. • No widespread adoption due to inability to efficiently manipulate low quality, difficult to capture heat (T<200oC) • Also there is lack of practical, cost-effective method to make thermoelectric devices
  3. 3. • Bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) is layered material with exceptional thermoelectric properties. • Developed reliable and effective method for industrial scale production of 2D Bi2Te3 – Convenient, cost effective route • Method also allows for easy deposit of this 2D material onto a substrate Technology Before and after exfoliation of Bi2Te3 in ionic liquid
  4. 4. • Dr. Hung-Ta Wang – Associate Professor – Over 50 Publications – 1 patent application • Departments – Chemical and Biological Engineering – Center for Materials for Information Technologies Inventor
  5. 5. Office for Technology Transfer 720 2nd Ct E Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 UAIPD13-0004