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UAIPD 11-0004


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Published in: Science
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UAIPD 11-0004

  1. 1. UAIPD11-0004 “A Single Sensor MPPT Controller for Multi- Channel Photovoltaic Solar Systems” Dr. Jaber Abu-Quahouq
  2. 2. • The current technology is less efficient and less effective • Uses multiple sensors • The size and complexity are also an issue that the new technology takes care of Current Problems
  3. 3. • Utilizes an MPPT method that requires a single sensor • Gives allows to add extra channels using the same sensor • This technology results in a smaller, simpler and cheaper renewable energy system • Extracts higher power and it has the ability to remotely optimize multiple PV solar channels in centralized controller Technology
  4. 4. • More efficient and effective than existing (2N) similar products on the market • Reduces the size and complexity of the controller • This results in higher efficiency based on decreased controller energy consumption, complexity and size Advantages
  5. 5. • Dr. Jaber Abu-Quahouq – Associate Professor – 24 publications – 4 patent application • Department – Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies – Center for Materials for Information Technologies – Electrical and Computer Engineering Inventor
  6. 6. Office for Technology Transfer 720 2nd Ct E Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 UAIPD13-0014