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Smart Moves - Laura Nesbit, CPA


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We are sharing some succinct success stories of our UAlbany Weekend MBA students and alums in a series that is very appropriately named Smart Moves. These short vignettes spell out the value they derived from the program, whether it be a new job, a promotion, more money, or more knowledge.

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Smart Moves - Laura Nesbit, CPA

  1. 1. E P F › › › › › 518.956.8330 518.442.4042 @UAlbanyMBA Smart Moves – Laura Nesbit Smart Moves is a series of short vignettes that spells out the value our University at Albany Weekend MBA students have derived from the program, whether it be a new job, a promotion, more money, or added knowledge. Here is the fourth installment in the series … An MBA program that fits seamlessly into a busy life? Laura Nesbit – full-time CPA and mother of two – says she found it in UAlbany’s Weekend MBA Program. “One thing that I really like about the program is they deliver your books and give you your binders. You have a meal so you can keep working through lunchtime on Saturdays or your dinnertime so you’re able to accomplish more. That might sound kind of silly, but it makes a difference,” says Laura, a member of the 2014 cohort who lives close to an hour away in Vermont. “For me, if I had to drive all the way in every time a class changed to get my books or register for parking, that would be more time away from work or my family. That’s another thing about the program that makes it work for me.” Laura also likes the program’s emphasis on team projects – in person and online. She collaborates with classmates using Google Hangouts and WebEx. “When I was in college, you worked kind of solo. The generation below me likes to work in groups, so it’s kind of important to get that experience,” she says. Laura is a CPA and senior accountant at Mack Molding Co., a custom plastics molder and manufacturer in Arlington, Vermont. She joined the firm in early 2013 after 17 years in a public accounting firm. She says the Weekend MBA Program was a plus on her resume when she applied for jobs. “When I started looking for a new position, I instantly got more phone calls and interviews from my resume. So right off the bat that to me is the only thing that changed,” Laura says. “I feel like it helped me get the position I have now. I think it made a difference.” Our next info session is Thursday, March 6, 6:00 p.m. at our Albany-Colonie Executive Education Center. Contact us at 518.956.8330 or at for details! University at Albany School of Business | 1400 Washington Avenue | Business Building 203A | Albany, New York 12222 | › COHORT STRUCTURE › 48 CREDITS IN 22 MONTHS › INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RESIDENCY › VALUE LEADER › ALL-INCLUSIVE › INCREDIBLE STUDENT DIVERSITY