UA College of Nursing Application Workshop


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University of Arizona, College of Nursing workshop on how to apply to an entry level nursing degree program. The College of Nursing offers two degree programs for students seeking an initial license to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

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UA College of Nursing Application Workshop

  1. 1. Application Workshop Entry to the Profession of Nursing
  2. 2. College of Nursing  First School of Nursing in the State of Arizona, founded in 1957  Ranked in the top 6% of nursing programs nationally, by US News and World Report  A leading research institution, with robust faculty research integrated into the everyday learning  Learn from internationally renowned scholars and researchers  Faculty generated over $3.4 million in research awards  57% of faculty have a doctorate, 100% have advanced practice licensure  Over $3 million annually in awards: scholarships, loans and grant funds  One of the best passage rates in Arizona on the NCLEX-RN (RN licensure exam) at 95%-98%
  3. 3. Degree Programs Pre Entry RN Advanced CSL NP • Pre-Professional Nursing (Pre-Major) • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) • Master’s Entry to the Profession of Nursing (MEPN) • RN to MSN - Clinical Systems Leadership • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) • Post-Master/Doctoral Certificates
  4. 4. Academic Support Services  Academic Advising, Professional Staff  Course scheduling, transitions support, career assistance, application assistance, student organization advising, peer mentoring programs, programming and student events, campus referrals  Faculty Mentoring  Advice from nursing professionals on: advancing in the profession, professional organizations, preparing for professional work  Learning Support Services  Full-time, Nursing Learning Support Specialist  Kaplan partnership for NCLEX preparation  NCLEX type questions integrated into exams and assignments
  5. 5. Steele Innovative Learning Center Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab State of the art learning facilities  3 Complex Care Simulation Rooms (with Sims)  Health Assessment Lab (10 beds with Sims)  Universal Patient Care Lab (10 beds with Sims)  IV Skills Center (Sim arms/torsos and Virtual IV)
  6. 6. Clinical Work  Clinical Student to Faculty Ratio of 9 to 1  Graduates get over 1000 hours of clinical experience Clinical Placements  College finds placements for all students  Partnerships with local Tucson hospitals  University of Arizona Medical Center  Tucson Medical Center  Veterans, Tucson  Northwest Medical Center  St. Joseph’s  St. Mary’s  Partnerships with local community health agencies  Service Learning  Public Health Advocacy  School Nursing, Hospice, Sexual Health Advocacy, Refugee Groups 7
  7. 7. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  8. 8. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)       Entry to the Profession Undergraduate 2-Year Professional Program Fall/Spring coursework In-residence in Tucson May start as Pre-Professional at UA or apply directly to program as a Transfer Student  Not required to be Pre-Professional in order to apply  No preference given for UA vs. Transfer  Transfer students who have prerequisites completed should declare a back up major instead of Pre-Professional Nursing.
  9. 9. Master’s Entry to the Profession of Nursing (MEPN)
  10. 10. Master’s Entry to Profession of Nursing (MEPN)    Entry to the Profession Master’s of Science with an Emphasis in Nursing degree (non-specialty) – not the same as an MSN. Coursework at the graduate level      Requires a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing area Courses are harder, more in-depth Require more reading/writing, critical thinking/analysis Accelerated 15-Month Program Two Locations   Tucson (66 admit/year) Phoenix (24 admit/year)
  11. 11. COMPARE
  12. 12. Nursing Prerequisites English Composition (1-2) {BSN ONLY} General Biology (1) {BSN ONLY} Microbiology (1) Chemistry (2) Lecture and Lab Lifespan Development (1) Nutrition (1) Anatomy & Physiology (2) Statistics (1) Lecture and Lab
  13. 13. BSN and MEPN Admission Scores 10% 20% Stateme nt Stateme nt 20 % Interview 20 % Interview 25% Cumulative GPA 20% Recent GPA (Last 60 Units Coursework) 45% Prerequisite GPA 40% Prerequisite GPA BSN MEPN (All College Coursework)
  14. 14. Calculating the GPA - Cumulative GPA (BSN Only): is based on every attempt of every college level course you have ever taken. We honor the grade replacement policies of any institution where you take a course. - Last 60 Units GPA (MEPN Only): is based on the grades earned in your most recent 60 units of college or graduate level coursework. To calculate this, start with your most recent coursework and count backwards 60 units; if 60 units is in the middle of a semester, include the entire semester in which you reached 60 units. - Prerequisite GPA (both): is based on the best grade earned in each prerequisite course. Retaking a course in this area for a higher grade will replace the lower grade for this category, but know that unless the grade is officially replaced on your transcript, both grades will go into your Cumulative GPA calculation. - Note: UA GPA is your graduation GPA. It is only based on courses taken at UA and does not use transfer course grades.
  15. 15. BSN and MEPN Admission Averages BSN Averages of those admitted over the last 3 years *Note: MEPN will begin using the Last 60 Unit GPA in place of the Cumulative GPA effective with the October 1, 2014 application. No data is available yet for admitted GPA in the Last 60 Unit category. MEPN 3.7 3.5 Prerequisite GPA (min 3.0) (3.5-4.0) (3.2-4.0) Cumulative GPA 3.5 3.2 (min 3.0) (3.4-4.0) (3.1-4.0) Number Admitted each cohort 54 (108 total per year) 90 (total per year) Number of Applicants 450 250
  16. 16. Statement – BSN & MEPN  What can you as a student bring to the College of Nursing Community? – Why are you a good fit for the program? – 400 word statement Important Topics to Cover: – Preparation for entering a nursing program – Professional aspirations, intellectual interests – Volunteering experiences, nursing professional experiences, shadowing, etc – Your most notable awards and most meaningful activities or achievements – How you became interested in nursing, significant intercultural experiences or life circumstances (context) – Keep it focused on academic preparation and ambitions
  17. 17. Statement – MEPN Only  Describe the traits and values you have that will lead to successful completion of the MEPN Program. Address the rigors of the program, its time commitment and work obligation.  How you will manage your time?  400 Word Statement  Important Topics to Cover:     Personal stress management techniques Balancing personal and work Prior experiences with heavy workloads Prior experience with stressful situations  Keep it focused on academic preparedness and time management
  18. 18. Interviews  Students who score in the top group of applicants are invited to interviews  Looking for:      Knowledge of Nursing Profession Personal Motivation Communication Skills Moral, Ethical, and Personal Decision Making Career Goals  This is where research, volunteering, leadership, and student organizations pay off – in knowledge of the profession  Faculty do not see your application prior to interview – they are blind interviews
  19. 19. Application Steps - BSN  Complete the University of Arizona Undergraduate Admissions application (if not a current UA Student)     Online Application Send Official Transcripts for each institution attended Please make sure to select the correct term for admission. If not a Current UA Student, please make sure to fill out the correct application (Transfer) and complete ALL of the Next Steps for Admission.  Complete online College of Nursing application  Personal statement  Disclosure questionnaire  If a current UA student:  Make sure that the UA has the most recent transcript showing all completed or in progress coursework from any school other than the UA that you have attended. If you are not sure how to check this, contact your advisor.  Highest scoring candidates after initial review will be invited in for an interview. Phone or Skype options available if necessary.  Interview scores will be added to existing scores, and the highest scoring students will be offered admission.
  20. 20. Application Steps - MEPN  Complete the University of Arizona Graduate College application     Online Application Please make sure to select the correct term for admission. Separate application and process Upload an unofficial copies of transcripts for:  The school where you earned your bachelor’s degree  Any school where you have prerequisites  Any school where you have coursework within your last 60 units  Complete online College of Nursing application  Grades in your Prerequisite courses – list the name of the course as it appears on the transcript of the school where you took the course  Personal statement  Disclosure questionnaire  Highest scoring candidates after initial review will be invited in for an interview. Phone or Skype options available if necessary.  Interview scores will be added to existing scores, and the highest scoring students will be offered admission.
  21. 21. Application Deadlines - BSN  September 1  Begin coursework in the Spring term  All courses must be completed at time of application  February 1  Begin coursework in the Fall term  Two prerequisites may be in progress
  22. 22. Application Deadlines - MEPN  October 1  Begin coursework mid-May  All prerequisite coursework must be complete at time of application  Must have a bachelors degree in a non-nursing area completed at time of application  Must select a location option at application     Tucson Phoenix Both, with a preference for Tucson Both, with a preference for Phoenix
  23. 23. Questions
  24. 24. Frequently Asked Questions I took a course outside of the UA, how do I know if it counts? 1. Is the course the same number of credits as the one offered at the UA? 2. Does the course have the same title (Uses mostly the same words) as the one at the UA? 3. Does the course description use similar keywords to the one at the UA?  If you answered yes to all three questions, then it has a strong chance of meeting our requirement. However, we require everyone to submit the course for evaluation using the online form prior to application to ensure you meet the requirements.
  25. 25. Frequently Asked Questions Do I have to submit transcripts for the photography class I took last summer at home? Yes. Submit transcripts for all post-high school work. Do I have to take courses within a certain number of years in order to be eligible for admission? No, but we recommend doing some sort of refresher for science courses if it’s been a long time.
  26. 26. Frequently Asked Questions Will you evaluate my international /non-Arizona transcript? No, we do not evaluate transcripts. Prerequisite courses may be submitted for evaluation via the form on the website.
  27. 27. Office of Student Affairs College of Nursing Room 112 520-626-3808