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Satellite Videoconferencing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Satellite Videoconferencing

  1. 1. Satellite Videoconferencing Sultan Qaboos University
  2. 2. Satellite Video conferencing Configuration Key Factor for doing VC Advantages Disadvantages Video conferencing Guidelines
  3. 3. Video conferencing is interactive two-way visual and audio communication over a distance. It is often referred to as "videoconferencing" or "video teleconferencing", both of which mean the same thing. It is one of many technologies within the domain of "video communications" including broadcast television, video streaming, video assessment and video collaboration. Today, video conferencing is widely available throughout the United States and Europe with more limited availability throughout Asia and Latin America.
  4. 5. Two sets of equipment are needed for satellite systems. The uplink (a large satellite dish) transmits the video and audio signals to the satellite. The downlink (a small dish antenna) receives and displays the signals.
  5. 8. Allow both audio and video communications. Facilitate personal feelings. Enable high levels of interaction.
  6. 9. May be expensive. Require a great deal of planning and preparation. Must be scheduled Require technical support team.
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