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Newsletter 8 (EN)


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U-LEAD with Europe Newsletter 8 (EN)

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Newsletter 8 (EN)

  1. 1. Six Administrative Service Centres Opened in Amalgamated Communities with support of U-LEAD with Europe In December 2017, U-LEAD with Europe team working on improving the delivery of administrative services in partnership with local communities opened six ASCs in four oblasts of Ukraine: Biloziria ATC (Cherkasy oblast), Chervone and Irshansk ATCs (Zhytomyr oblast), Medzhybizh and Chemerivtsi ATCs (Khmelnytsky oblast) and Stari Bohorodchany (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast). Community residents can now receive a wide range of administrative services including the most in-demand services, such as housing subsidies, registration and removal of residence registration, land services, real estate registration and others. U-LEAD with Europe Programme assisted the local communities in establishing the ASCs, refurbishing and renovating the premises, and installing IT-equipment with specialised software. Revenues from the administrative services will be credited to the local communities’ budgets. The ASCs staff participated in the advanced training course developed by Ukrainian and Swedish experts within the Programme. Schedule for the ASC opening in January 2018 The following Administrative Service Centres are going to be opened on the indicated dates (preliminary dates): January 26 – new ASC in Zolotnyky ATC, January 30 – new ASC in Skalat ATC, January 31 – new ASC in Severynivka ATC. Administrative Service Centres Have Modern Minimalist Design All ASCs that are established within the inception phase of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme have common interior design as provided in the design project and the brand book. “ASCs should be designed and built as modern minimalist buildings” - believes Ihor Sirotov, the young Kyiv interior designer who manages “Ihor Sirotov Architects” agency. His agency won a tender to develop a design concept for ASCs. The main advantages of the premises are accessibility, convenience and functionality both for visitors and ASC employees. All ASCs are constructed in accordance with the European accessibility standards for public buildings. All premises are accessible for people with disabilities and have well equipped playrooms for children. It should be noted that the designers use eco-friendly materials to decorate and furnish ASC buildings. Would you like to take a look at the ASC interior design? Click here, 880 ASC Staff from 26 Pilot Communities Fully Completed Advanced Training Representatives of 26 communities from 14 oblasts fully completed a training course for ASC staff consisting of five modules that have been developed by Ukrainian and Swedish experts for improving the delivery of administrative services within the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. This is 100% of the planned trainings in the inception phase. Overall, 78 trainings have been conducted, and over 880 community representatives attended these trainings. Trainings’ participants learned about the role of local self-government bodies in serving the community, provision of high quality administrative services as well as business ethics and interaction with ASC visitors. In addition, 98 representatives of 18 pilot ATCs have taken part in five study visits to the most efficient Administrative Service Centres in Kyiv, Bucha, Lviv, Sumy, Kremenchuk and Ivano-Frankivsk. NEWSLETTER #8 19.01.2018
  2. 2. NEWSLETTER #8 19.01.2018 U-LEAD with Europe is a multi-donor programme that runs from August 2016 – April 2020. It is financed by EU and its member states Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The aim is to contribute to the ongoing decentralisation reform in Ukraine in general, and to empower local communities to deliver high quality administrative services to the citizens through Administrative Service Centres establishment and support. The expected result is to support up to 600 ASC to live up to the expectation of the citizens of Ukraine till the end of 2020 year. U-LEAD with Europe’s Support to Improved Administrative Service Delivery is implemented by Sida and its subcontracted partner Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR. ABOUT U-LEAD WITH EUROPE’S SUPPORT TO IMPROVED ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE DELIVERY CONTACTS: Communications unit 38 (063) 184 53 26 One ASC Per City Operating two ASCs in a district capital city of a new community is too costly for the state and inconvenient for citizens. We must put an end to this. Cities of regional significance with their adjoining districts have two different Administrative Service Centres (ASC): one operated by local self-government (LSG) and the other one by district state administration (DSA). However, operating two ASCs in one city carries new risks when it comes to establishing ASCs in the newly created amalgamated territorial communities (ATCs) within district capital cities. Read more about the benefits of inter-municipal ASCs in the op-ed column by Roman Matviychuk, the expert of U- LEAD with Europe: Amalgamated Territorial Communities Create Up-To-Date Tools to Provide Most In- Demand Administrative Services, Vyacheslav Nehoda (+infographics) 79 amalgamated communities deliver high quality one-stop shop administrative services through ASCs or remote workplace units. U-LEAD with Europe experts working on improving the delivery of administrative services have analysed the main models of administrative service delivery in ATCs and their key benefits and risks. Vyacheslav Nehoda commented on the experts’ findings, “Delivery of high quality services, modern services, is the first thing the leaders of amalgamated communities want to have. An Administrative Service Centre is the first place where people have contact with the government. Therefore, the attitude of local residents to the community leaders, and to the entire national government, will depend on how well these services are organised and how fast and easy they are delivered. It is good to see that many community leaders understand that and strive to have the most effective and convenient methods of delivering high quality services to the local population”. See infographics with expert conclusions here: First e-service of Trembita system has been launched The agricultural land lease agreement e-service is the first e-service in Ukraine benefiting from the data exchange system called Trembita. The e-service for the state registration of land lease agreements is available in the online portal “Online Justice House” available. Every year, more than 10 million applications are registered in the State Register of Real Property Rights for Real Estate. Up to 20% of them are applications for land property registration. This e-service, which allows filing applications online, enables an accurate exchange of information and spares a significant amount of time for everyone involved in the process. The registration of land lease agreements takes only a few minutes compared to before the e-service was launched. The accurate data and protected data exchange also help to reduce corruption and fraud related to agricultural land.