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A case manager presentation 2019 - Tzvi Brivik


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Presentation by Tzvi Brivik about case managers

Published in: Law
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A case manager presentation 2019 - Tzvi Brivik

  1. 1. A case manager why When How Tzvi Brivik Director Malcolm Lyons and Brivik Inc
  2. 2. Case management •Assessment of medical and other needs •Wellbeing •Meeting needs
  3. 3. Why child birth matters •Complex •Treatment regime •Meeting of the minds
  4. 4. What is a case manager •Identifying an effective approach to service delivery which can assist persons with severe disabilities to “live in a community” or “co- ordinating, evaluating , referring and monitoring of all services”
  5. 5. co-ordinating services , analyzing fiscal benefits, advoca ting for essential services , advising the client , family or caregiver and monitoring the use of resources
  6. 6. Who can act as a case manager •Occupational therapist •Physitherapist •Social worker
  7. 7. • Speech therapy • Physiotherapy • Assistive devices • Surgery • Equipment
  8. 8. Functions •Reassure •Support •Advise
  9. 9. Roll of carer •Case management officer •Parent
  10. 10. Case management officer •Hours •Fee •Fixed vs variable •Monthly vs hourly
  11. 11. Points of debate : • Who best to act as case management officer • When should a case manager be appointed • On what basis is a case manager appointed • Who should the case manager report to • When are case managers redundant
  12. 12. Tzvi Brivik Director malcolm Lyons and Brivik Inc