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ai4quant TMU MIT Hackathon 2018


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John Yang 楊宗翰
Jason Chuang 莊子政
Kevin Chang 張愷珉
Juien Lo 羅瑞恩
Shen 沈仲敏

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Published in: Healthcare
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ai4quant TMU MIT Hackathon 2018

  1. 1. Save Me Earlier System Continuous real-time mortality prediction monitoring system in ICU
  2. 2. Every Second Counts...
  3. 3. 4 am 5 am
  4. 4. Voice Control Automatic Real-Time � Human error � Not continuous � Human power wasting
  5. 5. Notification
  6. 6. MIMIC data analysis Jupyter Notebook
  7. 7. Deep Learning
  8. 8. Web Dashboard Demo Mobile App