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This is the latest version of my work that contains two new projects that I have been involved with over the last year.

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  2. 2. DEGREE DESIGN MANAGEMENTDesign Management is a pro-cess in the development of a Sales Researchbusiness or organization’s strat-egy, identity, and communica-tion on a deeper level. A DesignManager acts as an interface Website Marketing Campaignof management and design byconnecting design thinking, in-novation, technology, products, Advertising Design Design Managementservices, and communicationbetween clients and creatives.The Design Management pro- Logo Publiccess is focused primarily on em- Brandingpowering the art and science of Relationsintegrating design into the busi-ness world in order to enhance Identity Strategythe quality of life and organiza-tional success.
  3. 3. SKILLS COURSE MATRIXThe following DMGcourses demonstratehow they relate tobeing a strategic &Creative Planner.
  4. 4. PROFILE STRATEGIC & CREATIVE PLANNER Strategic & creative planning involves organization, flex-Brand Strategy ibility, and efficiency. It is the ability to utilize both theAccount Service right and left side of your brain. The left side of the brain isVideo Production logical and analytical while the right side relies more on emotion and intuition. It’s a way of connecting the dots,Consumer Research generating ideas, and producing something amazing. In my opinion, every job needs someone who is both strate- gic and creative.
  5. 5. VALUES MANIFESTO “ The biggest and brightest ideas come from those who are not afraidPassionate, Authentic, of taking risksCurious, Collaborative, Because With mistakes come goodInnovative, and things, by treating every obstacle as an opportunity, But however beautiful theAttentive strategy, always look at the results And remember to live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were ” to live forever
  6. 6. AGENCY: Wild AlchemyROLE: Producer/Editor STELLAR ACCOUNT SERVICE The Strategy We decided to ask some of the PDX industryThe Opportunity leaders of account service what constituted aNumerous agencies found themselves struggling stellar performance. We would uncover insightswith thier account managers, so they asked Lynette as to how agency managers raise the bar andXanders, founder/CEO of Wild Alchemy, how to define stellar performances as they dealt withraise the bar. Lynette then asked me to produce, difficult clients and tamed chaotic situations,film, and edit a documentary on the art of provid- hired new employees, and delivered solutionsing account service. for business success. The insights derived from their responses would be summarized in the documentary film.
  7. 7. The Results Best AdviceThe film contains responses to the follow- “Our enthusiasm can sometimes get theing topics: best of us. That’s when you have to be careful when speaking to clients.” • Defining Account Service Ken Smith, Dir. of Acct. Service • Qualities of an AE Wieden + Kennedy • What Amazing looks like • Opposite of Amazing • Dealing with difficult clients Difficult Clients • New Hire Expectations “By having real relationships with your • Best Advice clients, you’ll begin to see the value of that trickle down through the work.” Sam White, Assoc. Creative Director LiquidParticipating agencies included: • Wieden + Kennedy • NORTH Qualities • Liquid “You have to have a strong account • Grady Britton management essence that leads for • Leopold Ketel & Partners the good of a brand” Paige McCarthy, Dir. of Acct. Service Grady Britton
  8. 8. New Hire Expectations“What it requires is discipline. Get it “I want a new hire to represent thedone, work hard, and ask for more.” agency’s personality when working withJerry Ketel, Founder clients.”Leopold Ketel & Partners Stacy Graham, Chief Strategy Officer First Independent BankDefining Account Service“They provide inspiration, leadership, “It’s about helping clients connect themotivation, and inspiration.” dots through translation of right-brained vs. left-brained people.”Andy Askren, Creative DirectorGrady Britton Rebecca Armstrong, Partner NORTHStellar“Great account service is wrappedin the relationship with the client.”Frank Grady, KingGrady Britton
  9. 9. CLIENT: Wild AlchemyROLE: Account Planner VITALITY V The Opportunity Vitality V An online magazine targeted toward the female ageless generation or female boomers between the ages of 45 and 63. The magazine will include topics such as style, health, and“Branding through advertising beauty. The website’s overall goal is to develop content that is relevant to the consumer’s lifestyle. It will encourage commu-and design is perhaps more nication among the women in order to form an onlineof an art than a science, and community.treating research as such (ascience) can kill the magic.” The Strategy Discover what is important to these women by conducting a series of non-traditional qualitative interviews. The responses to-Lynette Xanders the questions will then be formulated into key insights about the consumer.
  10. 10. Research Key Insights• They’re looking for ways of keeping their marriage alive. The following insights were gathered Better communication. Getting over resentment. Mo- nogamy. Dealing with a husband’s mid-life crisis. from a group of 10-15 women who were all interviewed at their lcal gym,• Some of them are sexually frustrated. They want to know ways of coping and dealing without Sex at their coffee shop and shopping mall. prime. How to handle a husband’s rejection. Why it’s not their fault. Self-esteem issues.• They would like to gain sexual Confidence. Coping with Ideas loss of youth. Realizing that looks don’t last forever. Overall tone of the magazine should be simple yet• How are they supposed to feel when their daughters sexy. It should be mainly focused on feminine sexual- become more attractive? They secretly become envi- ity with sub categories including health, fashion, and ous when men look at their daughters more than them. finance. Very credible editors are necessary to have in order to gain trust. It should represent a sense of el-• Being single? Where can they search for a partner? egance through its design and layout. Layout should Should they call it quits after a certain point? also be easy to navigate and may benefit from a touch of green.• Coping with divorce after 50? Is it the right answer? Ways of working around it/alternatives.
  11. 11. ResultsIn order to market to this group we must first speak thier Poster Childlanguage. They are still getting familiar with using tech-nology, which is why simplicity is a must. When bloggingto them, it is important to make references to crediblesources. Their goal is to live forever, not to age quickly,and to live life to the fullest.For Vitality V, my number one recommendation is toaddress the stage and not the age. We need to pres-ent a brand that listens and lets the audience know thatchange is hard, but in the end we will all be o.k. Theissues to address include change, mid-life crises, men-tal health, and sexuality. My overall strategy is to helpprepare these boomers for what comes next. They arein need of some friendly advice in coping with their per-sonal issues.
  12. 12. CREATIVE BRIEFWhy are we advertising? Who are we talking to?To gain recognition for the brand website. People who: • Are retired yet active and hate sitting at home • Want to live life to the fullestWhat does success look like? • Embrace the Internet as a shopping medium80/20 Rule: • Do lots of research for advice on purchasesAgeless women in need of advice/tips on • Love honest products & services, cannot be fooled by smoke & mirrorstheir sexuality, marriage, and stage of life. • Prefer experts that are credible, they are skeptical • know that time is a commodityLow-hanging fruit: • Like to be spoken to in a language they can under-Women who are interested in tips on beauty, stand (proper grammar and spelling)fitness, technology, etc. What do we want them to believe?What can we tap into? Vitality V is here to address the ever-changing stages of life that many women must face sexually, mentally, and physi-Addressing the stage, not the age of life. cally. We want them to know that we are hear for them and in the end we are confident that it will all be o.k.
  13. 13. CLIENT: RideOnROLE: Design Manager C LIENT DISCOVERY WHO IS THE CLIENT? RideOn is a non-profit business that provides transportation to local Portlanders who are too intoxicated to drive. RideOn is operated by volunteers that transport individuals directly to their homes within the Portland area. This service is only offered on Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 11pm and 3am. The cost of this service is $10 and there are currently over 100 volunteers.The first step in understanding aclient is to gather the facts that What must we achieve?help discover the problem. We must raise more sponsors, customers, and volunteers by raising brand awareness.
  14. 14. CREATIVE BRIEFA creative brief sets the What can we tap into? The need for an easy way to get home on thestage in telling the brand’s weekends without the hassle of fees for hotels or taxies.story, It reveals who the storyis for and why, It helps guide What is the key fact? RideOn is the alternative to spending a night outthe entire campaign in mak- without having to worry about the consequences of being too drunk to drive a connection with theaudience. Who are we talking to? Responsible people in their 20’s and 30’s who enjoy the social scene downtown at least once every weekend. What is the one thing we need to tell them? You drink, we’ll drive…
  15. 15. MARKETING PLANSTRATEGY TACTICS / ATTRACTIONCreate a community-based campaign that • Post flyers on bulletin boards,informs local Portlanders about the RideOn tables, and bathrooms within localservice so that it can expand into the entire bars, clubs, and restaurantsPortland region. • Generate Facebook fans of local bars/night clubs with the intentionThe marketing plan provides a voice to of reaching up to 1500 people bythe solution. the end of the year • Post updates on Facebook and send direct messages to fans educating them about the use of RideOn. Mail out invitations to local neighborhoods explaining what RideOn will do for them.
  16. 16. RESULTS HOW IT WORKS US PROGRAMS DONORS HOME ABOUT CONTRIBUTE Blog SUCCESS STORIES CONTACT your ride ABOUT SPONSORS WORD ON FAQ CONTACT US THE STREET WE DRIVE YOU AND YOUR CAR HOME SAFELY FOR $10. When an individual gets too impaired to drive they call RideOn at (503) 235-RIDE A designated driver will be dropped o at your location. We will happily drive you home in your own car for $10. No tickets, no towing, no worries!Business Cards WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays, 11pm - 3am. WHERE: Pick-ups o ered in SE Portland and spon- soring bars around town. Please see our sponsor mapWebsite to nd out which super cool bars are providing RideOn service at their establishments just for you! We will drop you o anywhere in Portland proper. COST: $10 at fee. There is no additional charge per passenger, however, we will not drive more than legally allowed per vehicle
  17. 17. AGENCY: Bent Image LabROLE: Production Coord. ANIMATION WORKSHOP The Strategy Prepare the executive producer and direc- tor for this event by organizing all marketing strategies, itineraries, shipments, and schedules including flyers, flights, hotels, rentals, catering, equipment, meetings, and P.A.’s.The OpportunityExecutive Producer Tsui Ling Tommer and award Agency life can often be chaotic,winning Director Rob Shaw wanted to host a stopmotion animation workshop in Chicago. The event but some of us learn to thrive on thewould be geared toward animation fanatics who chaos.want to learn more about the stop motion processand how to create their own animation clips.
  18. 18. The Solution • Flyer • Itinerary • Schedule
  19. 19. Chicago ItineraryStop Motion Animation Workshop Schedule Stop Motion Animation Workshop
  20. 20. CLIENT: StaphasepticROLE: Project Manager Social Media THE Opportunity A public relations campaign targeting the Mom- my Blogger segment for the client Tec Laborato- ries. They want to get their product, StaphAseptic, reviewed by their primary target audience, moms who care for kids and family, to spread the word about the importance of MRSA and staph infection prevention in order to boost sales of their product. THE STRATEGYSocial media is a powerful tool to A report that tracks the overall numeric reach of theestablish or increase brand aware- campaign through stats related to the blogger site as well as their social media following on Facebookness through community engage- and Twitter. Capture quantitative data about the brand coverage for StapahAseptic. Finally, cap-ment. ture qualitative references from actual reviews to measure and capture the blogger-driven messages about the product.
  21. 21. SOCIAL MEDIAREACHThe use of graphics ismeant to represent the 10 12blogger reach data 6 7 13(including geographic 3 4distribution of the cam- 9 8paign outcome) andwas developed spe- 11 15 14cifically to appeal tothe client’s response to 5 1visual representationsof the information. 2
  22. 22. QUANTITATIVE DATAThe report tracks the overall numericreach of the campaign through statsrelated to the blogger site as well astheir social media following onFacebook, Twitter, and Google Blogs. Cumula&ve
 •  3,361
 •  9,418
 •  6,157

  23. 23. QUALITATIVEDATA • 150 brand mentions • 6 logos (stand alone) • 13 of 15 used StaphAseptic in headline • 1 used Staph in headline • 29 links to StaphAseptic web pages • 4 links to StaphAseptic Facebook • 17 product photos used • 12 coupons featured at 11 blogs • 1 mention of World MRSA Day sponsorship